You might think association management software is only for your association’s staff and members. But think again. 

Here’s how YourMembership AMS can help your board members work more efficiently and effectively.

Michelle Schweitz, YourMembership Marketing Manager

By Michelle Schweitz, Marketing Manager, Community Brands



When you think about how association management software (AMS) can help your organization, you might think about two key areas: making your staff more productive and providing a better member experience.

But have you forgotten about your board members? The right association management software can help them, too.

YourMembership association management software includes features and functionality that can help your board members work more efficiently and effectively. Here are three top examples:

  • As the body that steers your organization’s governance and financial management policies, your board has a particular interest in avoiding risk to your association. A modern, all-in-one AMS solution like YourMembership AMS can help the board execute on this aspect of its role because it lowers risks associated with:
    • Technology costs, by reducing the need to pay for and administer multiple systems. YourMembership includes the functionality you need to manage your association – all in one system.
    • Data issues, including security and privacy. YourMembership includes features that keep member information secure and backed up in one location.
    • Staff inefficiencies due to manual processes. Many of these processes can be automated and streamlined in YourMembership using an easy-to-use interface and simple workflows.
    • Member attrition, due to member frustrations with outdated technology. YourMembership helps you provide a modern online experience that members expect.
  • Scheduled reports can be set up in YourMembership AMS to send automatically to board members via email so they always have the latest data for the next board meeting. With key data at their fingertips, board members can quickly gain visibility into membership growth, retention rates, engagement scores, and more, so they can make more informed, data-driven decisions to move your organization forward.
  • Online community functionality is built in to YourMembership membership management software to allow your organization and your members to interact with each other. It can also help board members collaborate more efficiently. For example, they can:
    • Set up a group just for board members. This approach makes it easy for the board to connect with each other, share real-time updates, and make decisions.
    • Share documents. The board can share documents, such as meeting minutes and committee notes, with each other in one convenient location.
    • Share feedback. For example, the board chair can pay attention to what board members are discussing in the community. And, the chair can set up online surveys and polls and promote them in the board member group to gather feedback on specific topics.
    • Learn about members. The board can “listen” to what association members are discussing in the online community to become more familiar with member needs.

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YourMembership association management software offers affordable, easy-to-use, all-in-one membership software for small to mid-sized organizations. Find out more about how it can help your entire organization work faster and smarter and ultimately make long-term changes for the better:

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