Crowd Wisdom™ Learning Management System

Meet the next generation of online learning.

Energize your educational program.

Foster engagement, deliver quality education and grow revenue with the Crowd Wisdom™ Learning Management System.

Engage learners with a rich learning experience.

Deliver a personalized and intuitive learner journey. Exceed your learners’ expectations by leveraging the latest education strategies and learning technology.

Empower and cultivate career growth with certifications.

Connect learners with a clear career path through professional and competency development. Easily administer dynamic tests and assessments to help learners manage credit education units and certifications.

Enhance engagement with a learning community.

Encourage learners to collaborate and share knowledge through a unified community within courses, discussions or blogs. Learners can provide peer-to-peer feedback to strengthen the learning experience.

Selecting the best eLearning authoring tools for your education program.

What’s the best e-learning authoring tool out there? That’s a lot like asking, “What’s the best car on the road?” The answer can be subjective, and, in the end, it’s based on what matters most to you.

Built for adaptive education strategies.

Create an engaging learning experience.

Crowd Wisdom™ enables you to provide a personalized, social and engaging learning experience which is learner centric. The Crowd Wisdom™ learning management system (LMS) suggests relevant content to each learner based on our advanced recommendation engine. It also allows learners to connect with peers to share knowledge and guidance.

Your success is our drive.

Build momentum for your learning program.

We are all about relationships, not transactions. Your implementation focuses on the long-term success of your e-learning program. Our dedicated team goes beyond the installation to build momentum for your program with timely tests and adjustments so it continues to be successful.

With our cloud-hosted LMS, Crowd Wisdom™ you always have the latest and greatest features as they become available. You no longer have to worry about web hosting, security, data backups or end-user support.

“With YourMembership’s learning management system, it’s incredibly easy for us to track large numbers of learners and send completion certificates directly to them when they complete their courses. So far, nearly 7,000 drivers have taken courses using YM’s LMS, and by taking these online courses, we have helped companies save up to $7 million annually.”

David Kestenbaum, Director

Certification for Sustainable Transportation at the University of Vermont

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