Online Community

Turn members into super members with a place to connect and collaborate.

Convert sporadic conversations into continuous engagement.

Make your organization part of your members’ daily habits with a built-in online community.

Drive continuous engagement

Make it easy for your members to interact and engage with each other and your organization.

Grow non-dues revenue

Promote sponsorships, advertising and events to boost revenue.

Streamline your marketing efforts

Improve your marketing efforts with new and easy ways to put your message front and center.

Engage members through a social networking feed.

  • Engage members in your community by providing relevant content, learning and career opportunities, and member benefits within a single feed.
  • Members can see the most up-to-date interactions and content from their connections and fellow group members from a centralized feed.
  • Empower members (and the organization) to easily contribute to conversations through commenting, liking, and sharing.


“The activity that’s happening in the community and the feedback from our members has been absolutely awesome. People are excited to communicate with one another.”
William Rolack, CEO
National Association of African Americans in Human Resources

Connect members to one-another through suggested connections.

  • Promote valuable one-on-one connections and networking opportunities based on common attributes and interests.
  • Visually display member activity and participation levels to encourage your members to keep returning, sharing, and connecting.

Gain insights into satisfaction and engagement through feedback and analytics.

  • Make powerful decisions to streamline community management and costs, while increasing your success, not your effort.
  • Take advantage of social and behavioral analytics through the community dashboard to make meaningful decisions on member engagement activities and new member value opportunities.
  • Gauge satisfaction and receive new ideas from members with easy surveys and polls.
  • Trending posts tell you the conversations that members are most interested in so you can build more content in their areas of interest.

Boost the bottom line with dues and non-dues revenue.

  • Stay top of mind. Make sure your members know the moment it is time to renew or register for an event with an automated announcement via the online feed.
  • Recruit new members by showcasing the abundance of expertise, knowledge, and connections they will have access to as part of your online community.
  • Promote event registration, provide advertising opportunities, and recognize sponsors through an online feed and mobile-responsive community.

Give your members and supporters what they want wherever they are.

  • Keep your members up to date with the industry news and information that matters most to them.
  • Encourage on-the-go conversations with members and their committees and groups with individual group discussion feeds.

All this and more from anywhere…

  • Promote new content or store items
  • Feature volunteer opportunities
  • Showcase sponsors and advertisers within the feed 
  • Decrease direct support with member-to-member community involvement

Volunteer-driven association grew their membership by 8% in 90 days with YM’s built-in online community.

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