Association Trends 2023: Redefining the Association Experience

Opportunities to take the member experience (MX) from average to exceptional

Member loyalty metrics remain high, even in fluctuating conditions, proving that associations consistently provide value to their members. But there is still room for improvement: Widening gaps between evolving member values and pro benefits offer distinct opportunities, and understanding both member and organizational viewpoints provides a more complete picture of risk and potential.  

We reveal insights into the powerful connection between member experience and ongoing growth in member acquisition, engagement, and retention. 

What you’ll learn:

  • Evolving member values and generational engagement trends
  • Strategies to close the gap between member and pro sentiments
  • The vital relationship between member engagement and member experience
  • How to increase member value by offering resources beyond a job board
  • Ways to deeply engage with members and elevate member experience

This study, with data collected from hundreds of association leaders and thousands of members, offers actionable take-aways to guide your strategies and drive more engagement and loyalty. 

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