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YourMembership Add-Ons

Discover solutions that connect seamlessly with YourMembership to keep your organization running smoothly. No matter what your goals are, we can equip you with the best tools to achieve them.

Rest API
CASS Address
Freestone Learning
Management System

SMS – Text Messaging

SMS Messages are a direct line to your members, delivering messages straight to their cell phones with a proven 98% open rate.

Capture members attention

Drive action with a 98% open rate

Increase member value

Send relevant and timely messages 

Connect with younger members

Reach your younger members who prefer text over email

QuickBooks Connector

Handle all of your accounting needs.

Drastically reduce the time spent on managing your association’s financial operations. YourMembership data will automatically sync with QuickBooks Online. 

Improve data accuracy.
Data is entered into QuickBooks Online in real time, meaning less wasted hours and more efficiency.

Decrease errors.
With less human data entry needed, there are less chances for redundant data entry errors.

Enhance your cash flow.
By allowing faster workflows from the point of entry to the billing stage, you can bill faster and increase cash flow.

Zoom integration

Keep members connected – virtually.

Seamlessly use the YourMembership event platform to handle registrations, eCommerce and data tracking for virtual events, meetings and webinars hosted in Zoom.

Monitor meeting attendees.
Automatically track and record attendance in YM.

Grant and restrict access to meetings.
Gate your event so that only registered guests can join.

Deliver join links to registrants.
Registrations within YM will automatically sync to Zoom so that late registrants don’t miss out on attending.

Rest API

Enjoy unlimited API integrations.

This open-access API offers access to OAuth and is required for third-party integrations to take advantage of unlimited API integrations.

Save staff time.
Create member profiles with ease.

Get the data you need, fast.
Import and export member data, including custom fields.

Create easy and accessible experiences.
Access member messaging, connections, media galleries, wall feeds, referrals and more.

CASS Address Verification

Validate your members’ address.

Confirm, correct, and complete US address information added to the system according to the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Directory radius search.
Limit your search results to those who are within X number of miles from the entered address or zip code.

Ensure accuracy and lighten your workload.
Standardize, correct, and check the addresses while speeding up the process at USPS.

Political districting.
Pinpoint the addresses you need, and rest assured that the postal mail will reach the addressee.

Freestone Learning Management System

Enrich your members’ learning experience.

With YourMembership and Freestone you can generate more non-dues revenue, increase member engagement, and increase your competitive advantage.

Create a branded learning portal.
Customize and create a unified learning experience by matching Freestone’s interface to your unique website and brand.

Quantify the value of your learning program.
Use the learner dashboard to show admins where their learners stand and improve learner outcomes with data on what’s working and what’s not.

Offer learners multi-device support.
Empower your learners to take courses whenever and wherever is most convenient to them. Quickly launch any course from anywhere, on any device.

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