YM Unity: A place to connect, collaborate and contribute.

As a customer of YourMembership (YM) association management software (AMS), you can meet up with many other administrators who have years of knowledge and experience on the platform. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could easily reach out to them whenever you wanted for ideas and answers?

Chances are good those users have the same questions and challenges your organization faces.

Did you also know you and other administrators can directly help steer YM product development? Ideas submitted by our customers help the Product Team shape annual objectives and roadmap initiatives.

As a YM administrator, you can be a part of all this through our community portal – YM Unity.

What’s YM Unity?

YM Unity is an exclusive online community for YM customer administrators to connect and collaborate with each other. They can also submit and vote on future product ideas using the Unity Idea Box.

Powered by the YM online community, administrators enter this dynamic community feed where questions and ideas are posed to fellow Unity members. Topics posted to the feed range from general product questions to organizational processes. It’s the perfect tool for administrators to collaborate and learn from like-minded individuals utilizing the same software platform.

But, Unity is more than just a networking community for administrators. It’s also a platform for product collaboration and contribution using the Idea Box. You can stay informed of new posts. You can feed activity and can ask questions to keep you engaged and informed on the go.

What’s the Unity Idea Box?

The Unity Idea Box is a YM feature, which allows administrators to submit ideas to a central location where others can vote on those submissions. The more votes an idea receives, the better chance the idea gets picked up by the YM team for implementation. It’s a perfect platform for customers to directly impact the future of the product they use every day.

Every week, senior members of the Customer Success and Product Teams meet to review all new ideas submitted. Together, we look at the request and prioritize them based on overall customer value, level of effort, and number of votes.

The Product Team reviews the newly-submitted ideas, comparing them with existing ones. The team then determines their priority, along with other product roadmap and business initiatives, to determine the best time to implement and release.

Our goal as a Product Group is to commit to at least one high impact, high vote count customer Idea Box item each quarter. We are bound to that through 2018.

Recently, in tandem with our AWS migration during this past late spring, YM released the #2 vote-getter (78 votes) found in the Idea Box. It led to the implementation of Google’s reCAPTCHA tool on all available forms to increase security and reduce spam submissions.

Coming down the pipeline for the second half of 2018, we will address two of the top five ideas from the Idea Box. This includes the #1 item.

As we announced at Xperience 2018 last May, we will upgrade our Event Badges to allow customizable badges for each event (#1 with 86 votes). In addition, we will enable members to specify their Preferred Address within their profile (#4 with 70 votes). These two, high impact, high vote items look to make a big splash for customers this year. And, we are excited to make it happen!

We’re even more excited the ideas came directly from our customers.

Drop us a line.

Come visit YM Unity soon. Connect with fellow administrators. Collaborate on challenges, and get your questions answered. And, help contribute to the future of your YM AMS.

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