2021 in Review – Highlights from the Product Team

Chelsea Van Solkema, Product Manager, Community Brands

Carson Schaller, Associate Product Manager, Community Brands


When our founders started YourMembership (YM), the idea of millions of members utilizing our membership management software was just a dream. Today, more than 25 million members around the world trust YourMembership. As you can imagine, since the start of YourMembership we’ve added a plethora of features and functionality to help member-based organizations drive membership growth and engagement while making your staff more efficient. 

In 2021, the YM Product Team utilized the thoughts, input, and ideas from our clients to drive product enhancements.  

One of my favorite enhancements of 2021 is the implementation of usage limits on promotional codes. Gone are the days of having to manually monitor usage of your promo codes to ensure that your members aren’t sharing the codes with every Tom, Dick, and Harry that they know. Associations can limit a code’s usage in multiple ways to really lock down the discounts they intended to share. 

In 2021, we continued to focus on privacy and security controls protecting your members’ data. We previously rolled out the ability for Admin MFA through a Token App but we wanted to ensure that your staff had multiple options to choose from when it comes to security. Associations now have two options for MFA for their administrative logins. This adds another layer of security to your site so that your members can feel safe knowing their private information is secure at any given time. 

With virtual and hybrid events still being very prevalent, we wanted to offer a solution for our customers to host the registration through YM, but have the registrants automatically push into their Zoom meetings and webinars. With our YM + Zoom premium events offering, association staff members can save time while setting up and managing their meetings or webinars all from within their YM website. In addition to easing the workload in advance of the event, tracking participation after the event is easier than ever since Zoom automatically pushes the attendance data back into YM to award continuing education credits for those who attended the meeting or webinar. 

I just highlighted a few features that help you do your job easier. It’s also important that your technology can also have the capacity to play well with others. For associations who may be using event tech solutions, we released new API endpoints that allow you to create, edit, or remove event registrants on an event within YM. This means that if your registrants are updating their contact information for the event through an App or other integrated solution, then those changes can be pushed back into YM to ensure that your staff has the most up to date information in your database. 

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We’re motivated and driven by the goal of delighting you, our customers. I’m so excited to be a part of how YourMembership evolves over time and am dedicated to providing you with the tools to create internal efficiencies, facilitate growth and better serve your members.  

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