Sneak Peek: The Essential Guide to 2017 Association Management Trends.

Your association staff always needs to stay on its toes—ready for any new technology, changing member preferences, differing generational values, among other shifts. By keeping an eye on the latest trends, it helps move your organization forward and remain valuable to your members.

So, what can member-based organizations do to stay relevant to their current and prospective members? We have some ideas, some of which come by way of partnering with industry thought leaders who see what trends will propel your association forward.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you need to explore at your organization (The following is an excerpt from The Essential Guide to 2017 Association Management Trends):

Mobile experiences.

According to comScore, as of the close of 2016, more than 80% of American adults had a smartphone and nearly 50% owned a tablet computer.

So, it’s safe to say your members are using mobile devices, and it’s impacting what they expect from your website and any online tools you produce. Younger, tech-savvy members expect to be able to work across all their devices, so make sure your website features a responsive design which renders correctly and looks great on computers, tablets and smartphones. As you design new websites or pages, always keep the mobile experience in mind.

“There are more mobile phones in use in the world than there are toothbrushes. Think about that for a minute. If your association doesn’t have a mobile strategy, you’re falling behind as you read this quote,” said Mary Byers, CAE, Author of “Race to Relevance and Road to Relevance.”

Constrained resources.

The economy has recovered, but for many member-based organizations, resources are still stretched thin.

Finding ways to do more with less helps associations with a smaller staff and budget execute their strategic plans. If membership dues aren’t funding your association’s objectives, get creative about ways to generate non-dues revenue, including education, job boards, conferences, partnerships, advertising and sponsorships, publications, and more. Use your team more effectively and let them concentrate on the areas in which they offer the most
strategic value. Use efficient technology to help your staff accomplish more while containing workforce costs, and consider service providers to fill in any skills gaps economically.

Here are 6 ways to generate non-dues revenue:

  1.  Education
  2. Conferences
  3. Job Boards
  4. Partnerships
  5. Advertising
  6. Sponsorship’s

It’s just a sneak peek! Download the ebook today to discover even more association management trends to help drive better member engagement and grow your organization.

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