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Associations with small staffs face big challenges. They must attract and engage new members and plan for their organization’s future. But what are their top priorities? Are they expecting growth? How are they preparing for the future?

Community Brands set out to answer these and other questions in a recent survey of small staff (10 or fewer) associations. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the key findings the report uncovered:

While new member acquisition and revenue is growing and the outlook for continued growth is positive, member retention has been a mixed bag, and small associations are less optimistic about member retention in the future.

Increasing non-dues revenue is an important strategic priority over the next 12 months, yet few small associations are leveraging technology to accomplish this goal.

Small association professionals do not feel technologically prepared to meet member needs today and in the future, yet few say that upgrading or integrating new technology is a priority.

While your association may be small, it still has big opportunities. Be sure to read this industry study of small-staff associations and learn:

  • How your organization compares with other small associations
  • Insights on the strategic priorities, growth outlook and technology usage of small associations
  • Tips on how to use data from the report to more effectively meet your strategic priorities and grow your organization

Download the Community Brands Small Staff Association Benchmark Study

About the study:

The survey was conducted between January and February, 2019, and responses came in from more than 350 professionals from small staff (10 or fewer) associations. Of the respondents:

  • Most are in a leadership position at their association
  • About 70 percent have annual revenue of $1 million or less
  • Most have 5,000 or fewer members
  • About half of their associations’ revenue comes from membership dues.

The industry report Covers topics including:

  • Whether small staff associations are growing or shrinking in terms of staff, new members, member retention and revenue
  • Top priorities of today’s small staff associations
  • Insights from the study that small associations can use to make improvements in their organization

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