Membership management health check: How does your association measure up?

As your association prepares for 2020, make sure your membership management program is in top shape.

You likely have goals around member acquisition, engagement, and retention. And, you may regularly review your progress toward these goals. But are you really taking time to assess your program’s vital signs and ensure your membership management program is as strong as it could (and should!) be?

There’s no time like now for a membership management health check. Here are some key areas to consider:

  • How does your organization manage member data?

Juggling spreadsheets and multiple systems to manage the various aspects of your membership experience is no way to get ahead. You’re logging into multiple systems. You’re entering the same data in more than one place. It’s wasted time.

Data is best managed with one comprehensive association management software (AMS) that houses everything you need to manage your members in one place. Look for a single member management system that can handle all of your member data and processes so you no longer have to log into multiple systems and perform duplicate work. 

  • How does your organization access member data?

Your staffers are not always at their desks in your organization’s office. If they can’t access your organization’s member data and complete membership-related processes on the go, they’re at a standstill until they can get back to the office. 

That’s why mobile access to your systems is simply a must-have these days. Allowing staff members to access member data from any mobile device allows them to stay connected and work efficiently no matter where they are.  So, whether they’re in the office, at home, or at your organization’s annual event, they can access information such as member data, prospective member data, event registration information, and reports.

It’s important to use an AMS that provides your staff opportunities to work from anywhere from any device. For example, your executive director should be able to easily use a mobile device to check a member’s history with your organization before going into a meeting with him or her, or reference important metrics at a glance and from the convenience of a mobile device.   

  • How does your organization handle day-to-day operations? 

As your processes mature and evolve, they become more time-consuming. If you want to move your mission forward, your team needs to focus on serving your members, not on executing manual processes. Automating your association’s processes gives your team more time to develop member programs and benefits. 
Look for an AMS solution that can automate things like email communications, membership renewals, member data updates, and reports so your team can focus on delivering a great member experience. For example, in an automated world, when members register for your association’s annual conference, they register with their updated mailing address and check a box to update their profile information with the new contact information. The system automatically updates their profile instead of requiring a staff member to manually update it.

  • How do your members connect with your organization and with each other? 

One of your organization’s most important responsibilities is to engage members. But sometimes it can be difficult to manage the timing and method of how you reach out. At the same time, your members want modern perks such as an online social community and a mobile app to interact with your organization and other members. 

It’s important to have a system in place that helps you leverage a mobile responsive online community as an extension of your communication and marketing efforts.  This enhances the member experience in many ways. For example, members can access the latest news and updates from your organization within a single feed.

And, an online community can accelerate the process of building a network of connections. More ties between members means increased member engagement and deepened member loyalty. 

  • How do you track member acquisition and retention? 

As your association grows, so do demands from executive staff and board member for information. It’s important to be able to provide detailed reports on things like member acquisition and retention. If you’re struggling to pull data and reports, it only slows your ability to make decisions and find opportunities for improvement.

Make sure you’re using an AMS that provides quick insights into membership trends and the health of your organization with easy-to-use, configurable dashboards, and reports so you can make fast, data-driven decisions. 

Find out how your membership management program measures up.

Take the Membership Management Program Health Check quiz and learn how strong your organization’s membership management program is, where you have room for improvement, and how to get your program into tip-top shape for next year.

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