Social engagement for a great member experience

Think for a minute about all of the ways your members interact with others – social media channels, messaging apps, and your online community, just to name a few. Here are a couple of social technology capabilities to consider:

Built-in online community

Many association technology providers are seeking innovative ways to elevate social networking among association members. Few solutions, however, unify association management software (AMS) and the online community experience.

YourMembership AMS integrates the online community into the AMS to allow you to deliver a unique login experience for your members. Upon sign-in, members are instantly presented a feed of community content tailored to member’s personal preference. They can quickly see new posts from other members, new posts from their private groups and relevant job opportunities.

YourMembership’s membership software also automatically connects new members with top volunteer ambassadors to help the new member get to know your organization and feel more welcome.

Social mobile app

A mobile app can empower your association to integrate with and influence your members’ daily networking habits. For example, the YourMembership AMS mobile app can engage your members through push notifications to foster continuous engagement. As an important topic is being commented on within your member community, your members can be quickly notified to join in on the conversation.

No matter how hard you work at grabbing your members’ attention, you could be losing it if you don’t support a great social networking experience. Stay on top of the latest in social technology, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a great overall member experience.

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