During the past few months, we’ve introduced some exciting new ways to think about the solutions you expect from your association management software (AMS) and the value you create for your members. We’re happy to share a summary of our Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 AMS product updates, celebrating your success as you continue to streamline operations and enhance the member experience.

Building a greater connection to tools and solutions.

  • Made Google Tag Manager support available for all sites. (June 2017)
  • Launched standalone mobile app (iOS/Android) to support our Unity admin user community. (June 2017)

YM Unity App for AdminsCreating new value for your event-goers.

  • Released partnership integration with Allianz, a worldwide leader in travel insurance and assistance services, allowing YM customers to offer insurance protection on event ticket purchases for attendees. (June 2017)
  • Delivered ability to easily resend event confirmation email to event registrants in case it was previously lost or misdelivered. (October 2017)

Enhancing the member community experience.

  • Issued Open Community Option, a configurable setting that allows for all feed content to be accessible to all members of the online community, regardless of connections, creating a richer experience for new or less-engaged members. (June 2017)
  • Added mobile app download links to the automatic Daily/Weekly Digest emails to make sure your members are taking full advantage of your community by including dynamic download links for the supporting iOS/Android native apps within your digest emails. (June 2017)

We commit a portion of our product development strategy to directly respond to our admin and customer feedback. With the help of Unity—our admin user community—we collect this feedback through the “Idea Box” feature. This allows users to submit new ideas and vote for their favorite existing ideas.YourMembership Admin ReportingWe’ve recently released the following enhancements in response to the suggestions received from our clients:

  • Introduced a new dynamic field for Membership Expiration Email notifications to allow for the use of the ISO date format. (June 2017)
  • Added Activity Logs to Custom Reporting tool. (June 2017)
  • Included the Member Expiration Date field on all membership renewal automatic email notifications. (August 2017)
  • Updated invoices to include separate lines for adjustments and credits. (October 2017)

To learn more about YM’s AMS features, attend one of our monthly product webinars. And stay tuned for seasonal updates from YM’s AMS product team.

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