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Protect your association event attendees’ investment.

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Membership & Marketing

How many times in life has something unexpected happened beyond your control? Call it bad karma, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or having a Ben Stiller “Meet the Parents” moment. And, how is it these unexpected moments always seem to pop up during a major upcoming event?

“I got into a car accident on the way to the airport.”

“My flight got delayed due to a mechanical issue.”

“Am I really getting sick the day before the conference?”

Let’s face it, the unexpected happens every day, and we must roll with it. But, when something hits us when it matters most, say before or during an event or conference, that’s when it really hurts. What if we had the ability to protect ourselves when these unfortunate happenstances occur?

Most of the time we do. When you’re planning a vacation or booking a flight, there are options for you to insure your trip. Why should offering your members and event attendees protection for your events and conferences be any different?

Think about it. When a member decides to attend your event, they are making a significant investment. Oftentimes, they are taking time away from their families and jobs, and spending their own money to attend the conference. Granted, you want them to attend. The value of the networking opportunity, education and experience an attendee has access to is what drives the event.

But, what about adding a little more peace of mind for your members making the investment when they are registering? And, how about putting more money in your organization’s pocket?

We already know how life throws things at us. That’s why when members are planning their travel for an event, they’re presented with insurance options for their flight, hotel and rental car. But, there’s nothing available to protect their investment for the most important purchase: the event or conference itself . . . until now.

A value-add for your organization.

YourMembership (YM) has partnered with Allianz Global Assistance, a worldwide leader in travel insurance and assistance services, to allow YM customers to offer insurance protection on event ticket purchases for attendees. This free add-on lets YM customers offer their attendees peace of mind to get up to 100% reimbursement on their event ticket purchase should a traffic accident, airline delay, covered medical issue or other covered reason result in the attendee missing the event.

Not only does the event ticket protection directly benefit your members and attendees, it’s also a value-add to your organization and the events and conferences you run. When an attendee has opted into the ticket protection, Allianz can handle 100% of the cancellation/refund claims. (Go ahead and ask your event planners and coordinators if they’d like to eliminate dealing with last-minute cancellations and refunds. Although, I think you know what their answer is without even needing to ask.)

Now for the best part. When event ticket protection is purchased by an attendee and a claim is filed, your organization keeps the total amount of the original ticket purchase. Allianz can handle all claims and refunds so you can keep the original revenue received after the registrant cancels. No need to re-run revenue reports for the event after cancellations are processed. (Also, tell that to your event coordinators/planners and find out their response.)

Save money.

In 2016, more than $9 million dollars of customers’ event ticket revenue was refunded through YM. Think of the money that could’ve been saved if event ticket protection was offered on those events.

Again, things happen at the worst moments (ask Ben Stiller). But, why wouldn’t your organization take advantage of putting members and attendees at ease knowing the insurance protection option has them covered? Couple that with the ability for you to keep the original payment on the ticket purchase, and you’ve got a solid option for when those unexpected moments hit.

Did I mention this new feature is free?

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