4 talking points to justify membership management software

Are your strategies limited by your technology? With the right technology, you can keep track of member activities and assess critical metrics to know when your member engagement practices gain traction and increase membership.

You know this, but you must now convince your board. You must communicate how to balance the cost of doing nothing with the cost of spending on new membership management software. When it comes to “selling” membership management software to your board, follow these four talking points.

Membership management software increases member engagement.

Your membership is the lifeblood of your organization and mission. Active, engaged, passionate members renew their memberships and help to bring even more new members into the fold. An association management software (AMS) system creates and delivers lifetime member value by making each experience seamless and each task simple and easy.

  • Event registration. Simplify registrations with pre-populated form fields, making it nice and easy for members to register for more events.
  • Built-in online community. Promote valuable one-on-one connections and networking opportunities.
  • Personalized emails. Studies show members build trust when presented with relevant content showing them they are not just a number.

Membership management software streamlines your tasks, empowering you for the future.

Running an association is a big job. Your days are filled with lots of administrative tasks—processing new member applications, sending emails, and trying to decipher spreadsheet data. But, you really want to focus on moving your organization forward with membership recruitment, engagement and retention strategies.

With membership management software, those administrative tasks are on auto-pilot. Your time can now be spent on strategy. What board member won’t love that idea? The board probably doesn’t care too much about your operation nightmares. But, once you start talking about growth for the future, they will start listening. It’s critical to relay how membership management software is designed to empower your organization for growth.

Membership management software improves your awareness of the organization’s health.

Disparate systems and manual processes are typically disjointed in terms of delivering the data relative to the health of your association. All the data from your online member community to your events are in the same system, allowing you to run reports based on a holistic view of your association. With configurable dashboards, your board can quickly gain visibility to member growth and retention rates, member engagement scores and event registrations. Aligning technology to make data-driven decisions . . . mic drop.

Membership management software—an all-in-one solution—keeps your technology costs down.

Before implementing membership management software, you’ve cobbled together tools and technologies. This includes your website, membership database, event management, email marketing and payment processing. While there are some pretty good tools out there, none come close to the productivity and accuracy of a single, all-in-one system.

Membership management software is designed to be a single, comprehensive solution for your association. So, it’s not surprising these tools allow your entire organization to function more productively, efficiently and with greater return of investment. Music to any board member’s ears.

Before approaching your board, though, arm yourself with as much information as possible. These four sell points can help you justify purchasing new membership management software to your board.

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