3 easy ways to incorporate fundraising into member touchpoints

Your association might run one or more fundraising campaigns or events at various times during each year to drive non-dues revenue. But just think if you could also promote donations at multiple member touchpoints throughout the entire year to generate even more revenue.

That might seem like a lot of work – especially when you have a small staff and time is tight. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Let’s look at why encouraging donations year-round is a highly effective approach to association fundraising and how you can get started.

Why encourage donations throughout the year?

You already communicate with your members throughout the year for various reasons – sharing information, sending reminders, and extending invitations. Those touchpoints are among the top ways you communicate value to your members. It makes sense to ask them for support while they’re in the process of enjoying the value your association offers.  

3 easy ways to incorporate fundraising into member touchpoints

By incorporating simple requests for support in your day-to-day communications with members, you can give members natural opportunities to support your association’s mission, with only a little extra effort from your association staff.  
Here are three easy ways to get started: 

1.) Incorporate requests into your member renewal process.

When your members renew, they are signaling their satisfaction with the member value you offer. Take this opportunity to ask them for additional support by including an invitation to donate and a link to your Donate web page in your renewal confirmation email. In your message, be sure to let members know what your organization can accomplish through the added support of members’ donations.

YourMembership association management software (AMS) by Community Brands makes it easy to give donors the option to set up their donations as a recurring monthly donation. Research suggests that monthly donors give more than one-time donors.

2.) Highlight donations in your online member community.

Your online member community is a place for members to connect, share ideas, and access useful industry and association information. Encourage members to donate while they’re in the process of using this valuable member resource. You can do this by adding a request for donations to the announcements area of your online community. Periodically rotate the message to attract more attention. 

YourMembership AMS makes it easy for you to build a thriving member community that includes a “Quick Announcements” area to improve visibility of fundraising campaigns and other notifications. 

3.) Ask for donations in member emails.

Create opportunities to give through your member emails. For example, include a “Donate” ad in your member newsletter with a link to your Donate web page. Another idea: Include a “Donate” promotion in your confirmation email for events and webinars.

You can use email campaign management functionality in YourMembership AMS to quickly and easily build email lists based on member information, and then create and send targeted emails.

Learn more

Fundraising can be a powerful way to generate non-dues revenue for your association. Discover more ways to increase donations for your organization. Read the guide, Maximizing Year-Round Donations for Your Association: Easy Ways to Incorporate Fundraising into Every Member Touchpoint.



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