Turn up the volume on your association membership marketing

Are you ready to turn up the volume on your membership marketing?

Read on to learn about our all-time greatest hits to take your association marketing to the next level.

What do you do when your association has a small staff, but you still need big ideas to boost your membership marketing? Turn to the all-time greatest hits!

Let me explain. Here at YourMembership, we’ve been providing small to mid-size associations with all-in-one association membership software (AMS) for 25 years. And if you read this blog, you know we also provide tips and best practices for membership marketing based on our research and experience in the industry.

We recently pulled together our top membership marketing tips to help associations like yours take their marketing up a notch. The list represents our best approaches for moving your membership marketing up a level, even when you have limited time and resources.

So, are you ready to pump up the volume on your membership marketing? Read on for a sneak peek at three tips from our top 10 list of greatest membership marketing hits. 

Three great tips to improve association membership marketing

1. Get personal.

Association industry research by Community Brands shows that members say they want to receive personalized and relevant content from their associations. So, we’ve written quite a bit about the importance of personalizing communications and content for members.

When you have an all-in-one AMS like YourMembership, you can deliver the highly personalized experiences your members seek. For example, you can:

  • Set up a preference center to allow your members to control what communications they receive from your organization and how often they receive them. 
  • Collect data about your members, such as information about their interests, behaviors, and career stages.
  • Segment your members based on data you’ve collected, and then target them with communications and information that are most relevant to their needs and interests.  

Concerned about data privacy when it comes to collecting and using member data? Read the article, 4 Ways to Balance Data Privacy with Personalization for Greater Member Loyalty.

2. Ask members to help.

When you have a small staff, you can use all the help you can get. Turn to your most engaged and loyal members to help you extend your marketing reach.

For example, your members can help you by:

  • Spreading the word about the value of your association to their networks.
  • Creating written or video member testimonials that you can use in member recruitment and retention campaigns.
  • Volunteering to recruit members, welcome new members, keep conversations going in your online member community, and develop content that you can use in marketing campaigns.

3. Put your data to work.

With the right tools, you can do a lot more with your membership marketing efforts. You can use your association’s data to track the success of your marketing activities, make more informed marketing decisions, and find opportunities for growth and improvement.

For example, using YourMembership AMS, you can:

  • Get a single, accurate view of member data from across your organization.
  • Use built-in dashboards and reports for an overview of key performance metrics and deeper insights into your data.
  • Make your data come alive with data visualizations that give you specific insights into your membership marketing and actions you can take to improve results.

Learn more.
Your ability to recruit and retain members is critically important to the success of your association. So, get ready to turn up the volume on your membership marketing. Discover our full list of best tips to make your membership marketing soar. Read the guide, Top 10 Greatest Hits for Membership Marketing 

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