9 bells and whistles for your association’s career center solution

The value of your association operating a job board for members and job seekers has long been established. Non-dues revenue for you and access to qualified, relevant candidates for your membership top the list of well-known benefits. And, hence, you may have been operating an online career center for years, and using the same software since day one.

If your software is antiquated and/or homegrown, you may be missing out on some modern functionality to give your revenue and applicant numbers a huge boost.

Does your career center solution offer the following bells and whistles? If not, it might be time to find a partner who offers a world-class career center experience!

Branding Extension: Your career center should look and feel like your branded website. A modern vendor will offer you an abundance of features to allow for branding options.

Email Job Matching: Your software should provide you the ability to set up job alerts so professionals can be automatically notified whenever a job of interest to them is posted.

If your software is antiquated and/or homegrown, you may be missing out on some modern functionality

Personalized Search and Recommendations: Increase engagement and job views by recommending jobs to job seekers based on their prior searches.

Mobile Responsiveness: Provide users a mobile-responsive user interface customized to your brand. Allow job seekers to quickly find and apply for jobs where they live—on their mobile devices.

Candidate Management: Your software should offer deep employer functionality to attract, screen and manage applicants.

Marketing: A modern software vendor will have a full-service team available to help you market across your entire member base, not just to those actively seeking a job. To strengthen your channel between jobs and candidates, it’s critical you leverage the single, major competitive advantage you have over big players like Google and job aggregators. You can provide employers with access to niche candidates who are not actively looking for jobs, which often is between 70 percent and 90 percent of your audience at any given time.

Access to Job Aggregators: Your career center software vendor can provide a feed of your jobs to a set of job aggregators who publish your jobs and provide additional traffic for a fee.

OFCCP Compliance and Visibility to Veteran Candidates: A leading career center partner can enable you to upsell distribution to diversity and veteran sites to help employers meet their strategic objective for a more diverse and talented workforce and to meet compliance requirements.

Interface with Google for Jobs: Google for Jobs is a newer job search interface launched by the well-known search engine giant. Algorithms help to sort and organize job listings from a variety of sites to provide candidates with some of the best and most relevant listings. It prioritizes postings based on relevance, providing associations with more opportunity to have their postings rise to the top. When your career center has an interface with Google for Jobs, it provides your association with extended reach between job seekers and employers.

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