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Accelerate your career center.

Delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in non-dues revenue for partner organizations.

Generate unmatched revenue.

Unsurpassed technology, along with the world’s largest niche job board software sales and marketing team, maximize results.

Boost member engagement.

Drive massive traffic to your website and connect members with targeted career opportunities, onsite career fairs and virtual events.

Gain insights on prospective members.

Leverage on-demand and pre-generated reports to achieve revenue and member growth objectives.

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Job Board Software

  • Drive member engagement
  • Increase non-dues revenue
  • Attract new members
  • Use an intuitive interface

Career Events

  • Onsite career fairs
  • Virtual career fairs
  • Open houses
  • Networking events

Who We Serve

  • Associations
  • Publishers
  • Corporations
  • Entrepreneurs

Grow your career center.

100 proven ideas to grow career center engagement and revenue, while positioning your association as an indispensable resource for recruitment.

Leverage the world’s largest and best recruitment ad sales and services team.

Drive traffic to your website.

YM’s job board software is fully hosted and includes customer service, sales and marketing support, billing, collections and technical support for job seekers and employers. We also power turnkey online and onsite career fairs, as well as manage print publication recruitment ad sales, to maximize your revenue and value to users.

We drive your traffic and engage potential candidates to create a sustainable, competitive advantage for your job board over other recruitment channels. Then, we maximize the revenue generated from employers who pay you to expose their jobs. We do this with the world’s largest and best niche job board sales and marketing team or use your own sales team with our best-in-class technology.

“Feedback from employers about the quality of candidates is excellent, member engagement is up, and we are targeting north of seven figures in annual sales of APA JobCentral products.”

Lindsey Fox

Advertising Manager, American Psychiatric Association (APA)

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Enhance member engagement, create lifetime value and improve productivity with an integrated AMS.

Learning Management System

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