4 ways to convince your board membership management software’s a smart investment.

It’s no walk in the park when it comes time to convince your board to allocate funding for a new software solution. Despite the benefits of membership management software, board members are often hesitant about moving forward with the investment if your old, outdated and manual systems still work.

After your research is complete, and you’re ready to present to the board, consider structuring your presentation after these four points.

Explain the problem.

As a starting point, fully explain the current situation and identify pain points within the organization. Does your membership data live in a spreadsheet or homegrown solution? Do errors or oversights occur within the renewal process? Do you know who is engaged with your organization? Fully outline the problems and challenges, then provide data to back up your claims.

Highlight the ROI.

Your board is responsible for your organization’s financials. Clearly explain how the organization will benefit from a membership management software investment. How many more members could you recruit if you weren’t having to spend so much time manually sending out dues reminders? Would the board change their strategy if they knew exactly how members were engaged? How many more members could you retain if your members could auto-renew?

After you present the benefits, clearly discuss the costs and show how the benefits outweigh them. (Need some help with what to present? Include our 4 talking points to justify membership management software.)

Demo the system.

For many of us, seeing is believing. Find out which board members are interested to sit in on a second demo with your potential membership management software provider. This type of interactive experience helps leaders visualize the benefits in efficiency and member management. Make sure the provider keeps the demo short and simple. If possible, have the demo focus on a process the board is involved with, so they can see how the solution directly impacts simplifying their workload.

Show the numbers.

Board members thrive on facts. They want to know how long it takes to implement the new membership management software, and the cost. Give a step-by-step timeline detailing the phases of the implementation, along with the staff and/or volunteers needed to facilitate the rollout and the provider’s training services. Make sure to present your compiled research. And, be prepared to discuss price ranges, implementation fees and, most importantly, usage limits.

When you approach your board with a clear vision of the benefits and potential success of a membership management software solution, you’re far more likely to earn their support.

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