People become members of associations for many reasons. Professional development is one of them. One way you can help your members with their professional growth is to put jobs in front of them which may help them further their careers. Doing so will encourage more participation on your job boards and help your members locate opportunities to help them grow their careers.

Three ways to share your career center with your members include:

  • Use a Featured Jobs widget on your website’s home page
  • Share jobs in your newsletters
  • Post jobs to your social media accounts

Jobs widgets on your website’s home page.

Create or ask your job board provider for a widget or feed which allows you to share jobs from your career center to your website’s home page. This will let any visitor coming to your site and all your members who visit it to see a sampling of the jobs available on your career center.

Even if someone isn’t looking, one of the jobs may catch their attention and entice them to click to learn more. As a bonus, you can include the feed on well-trafficked subpages to ensure you are putting jobs in front of your audience often.

Share jobs in your newsletters.

Another great opportunity to promote your career center with your audience is to share jobs and related content in your newsletters. Set up a “Career Corner” or “This Week’s Jobs” section to highlight two or three jobs you think your members want to know about. If you don’t have time to manually pull jobs or want to show more jobs, ask your job board provider for an RSS feed so you can incorporate it into your email template to share jobs from your career center.

You can also share job-related content, such as job seeker articles, links to helpful resources and resource articles, if your career center offers a resources page. Share tips about how to get a new job, update their resumes or interview well. These tips are helpful for busy professionals who may not be well-versed in the latest trends for behavioral and group interviews.

Post jobs to your social media accounts.

Sharing jobs to your social media accounts is an effective way to expose your audience to relevant jobs suited for their qualifications. This can be great for members to see so they know you are actively working to help them further their careers with the services you offer for continuing education and networking. And, you can provide a career center for them to locate growth opportunities. Ask your job board provider for a feed to allow you to automatically share jobs by using a social media post scheduling tool.

Getting jobs in front of your members will show them you are invested in their career growth, while providing more value to your employers who need job seekers to apply to their jobs. The more people who see your jobs, the more individuals may apply to the jobs shared on your career center.

Thusly, your career center offers a chance for your job-seeking members to grow their careers, while offering your employer members the opportunity to find qualified, talented help in your market.

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