YM AMS migration to AWS cloud: Brief overview and what the future holds.

YourMembership (YM) association management software (AMS) is built on a foundation to ensure our customers’ success. Our goal is to provide your organization with the highest quality security measures and to deliver world-class cloud stability and confidence. With a commitment to your success and continuous innovation, YM has now embarked on the road to the public cloud.

What is Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering faster computing, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help your business scale and grow. AWS was launched in 2006 to offer IT infrastructure services to businesses in the form of web services—now commonly known as cloud computing.

Today, AWS provides a highly reliable, scalable infrastructure platform in the cloud, powering more than a million businesses, including Hulu, Netflix, FICO and Adobe, throughout 190 countries worldwide. This comprises data centers in the United States, Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

YourMembership today.

Since YM was founded in 1998, YM AMS has evolved to meet the needs of our clients and their members. YM went from a small server room to a large data center with servers, switches and other equipment that keep sites operating and functioning daily.

While this approach served YM well for many years, the growth of our clients and their continued success created the opportunity for YM to host its applications on the world’s leading cloud platform, which is positioned to automatically scale based on demand. With AWS’s highly-reliable solutions poised to meet ever-changing user expectations as technology continues to change, YM AMS is now ready for its next phase of evolution.

YourMembership tomorrow.

Once our migration to AWS is complete, we expect our clients and their members to experience greatly improved network reliability and uptime, enhanced security and data protection, and no downtime during deployments, among other benefits.

In addition, AWS will provide YM advanced tools and services to allow for 24/7 monitoring and immediate action to mitigate performance issues or attacks. The AWS network of regional and localized virtual servers will make content more quickly accessible based on where a specific user is geographically located.

Moving to AWS is a big part of the YM growth strategy and means that as technology changes and new features and functions become possible, we will be faster to market, bringing you and your organization new capabilities in a shorter time frame. YM will continue to release incremental updates to take advantage of the ever-expanding tools and services AWS provides.

As your organization and its member base grows, the same is happening across thousands of other YM clients. With our new partner, we are ready for increased traffic, new geographies and new technologies. AWS enables the YM teams to place greater emphasis on product enhancements, instead of spending development time on running a proprietary data center.

Simply, with AWS as part of our infrastructure, YourMembership can focus on what we do best: Building association and nonprofit solutions to empower your organization to drive membership growth and loyalty.

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