Membership meets engagement in today’s modern world.

Staying competitive and relevant in today’s digital world requires innovative ways to engage your members. And, to operate efficiently, you need to implement an easy-to-use, safe and secure technology through a connected platform. By doing so, it saves you and your staff time, leverages your membership data for better engagement, and reduces your costs by not having to work with multiple vendors.

Here are several strategies which leverage modern technology to help you connect with your membership.

Modern website design.
You’re challenged with attracting and engaging members with a compelling experience. Adding to it, reportedly, the human attention span averages eight seconds. Is your website design keeping your members’ attention for more than eight seconds?

To best accomplish your goals, adopt a rule where simplicity meets design.

  • Deliver a modern visual design branded to your association.
  • Utilize a user design to create an intuitive member experience.
  • Implement a site navigation to make it easy to explore.
  • Display strong calls to action to keep them engaged.

Mobile responsive website.
Think about how your members engage with websites like Amazon and Netflix. How often do they use mobile devices? A lot. According to, 75% of U.S.-based website users are arriving to your site through a mobile device. Your members have developed expectations from this browsing experience. For you to deliver on this, your association site must be mobile responsive.

A mobile responsive website automatically and intuitively changes how your site is displayed on any device your members view it. The content and layout adapt to the screen on which it’s shown, whether a mobile phone or tablet. If you build your website on a platform to support mobile browsing, your association automatically supports your members.

Social community.
Today’s modern members engage using many social media platforms in all aspects of their daily life. To strengthen your organization’s connection with its members, consider building a social community within your member portal. Not only does it make it easier for your members to engage with each other and your association, it later serves as a revenue opportunity, if you choose to offer online advertising and job posting services to vendor partners.

Mobile social app.
How often do you check your smart phone for the latest news? Connecting your members with each other and to your organization through a mobile app keeps your organization top of mind. And, it delivers the modern experience members expect. With the touch of a button on their mobile device, members are notified of upcoming events, hot job opportunities and connect with committees and groups within your organization.

It’s an interconnected world.
If a legacy website and disconnected solutions represent your association today, know it’s time to move forward as your members explore daily life through mobile applications and smart devices. They crave timely, exceptional digital experiences. And, they expect your organization to offer them a connected experience across all of your applications and all of their devices.

It’s time to make the move toward a mobile-responsive, modern-designed website and deliver all of your value to members on all of their digital devices. Isn’t it time you modernize your association?

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