Your association membership is boosted by your members seeking credibility, professional development, competitive advantages and ways to give back. But, one of the primary reasons members join your association is for networking opportunities. They will give anything to be part of a community made up of their peers and the leaders within their industry.

This expected value you create for your members goes beyond the typical face-to-face at one of your conferences or a committee call, where they are exposed to numerous opportunities to generate meaningful connections.

You can also create instant value to your members through your association management software (AMS) by transforming your member portal into a privatized member online community with all their needs in one central location.

Now, with the SocialLink mobile app, you can empower your members with the industry’s first online community and social mobile app built into your AMS. With this powerful combination, you drive continuous engagement with your members through a mobile app instantly connecting your members to each other and your organization.

And, with the SocialLink mobile app, you can streamline your membership marketing efforts by putting your campaigns directly in front of your members. Mobile push notifications automatically notify members when they are up for renewal or when registration is open for your annual conference. Members can easily renew or register for the event using the mobile app.

For your members (The mobile app users!).
Your members are constantly on the go. They consume information all day, every day. Their smartphones allow them to carry out their daily life from the palm of their hand, from responding to a friend request on Facebook to viewing a job posted on LinkedIn to knowing their Uber has arrived. These are all daily activities a user expects from the tools on their mobile device.

Why should your member’s interaction with your association be any different? By simply launching the SocialLink mobile app, your members have quick and easy access to these benefits.

  • Member connections. Members can search and connect with one another within the app to help build and grow their network within the association. Automatic push notifications are triggered when connection requests are sent and received.
  • Member discussions and collaboration. Using a central focal point of the member feed, your members can obtain and interact with association content from a variety of sources at any given moment.
  • Direct member actions within the feed. Content directly from your AMS is funneled through your members’ primary feed so they can easily read important announcements and news from your association.
  • Member renewal and mobile payment. An automatic renewal announcement is visible to your members at the top of their feed when it’s time for them to renew their membership. Your members can act on this announcement, then renew and submit payment directly within the app.

For your association staff.
The SocialLink mobile app allows your association to provide your members with something familiar to them. As a smartphone app, SocialLink keeps your association in the forefront of your members’ minds and makes it easy for them to stay in constant contact with your organization. It’s easy to use and provides quick access to the latest news every day. With your members constantly on the go, having a mobile app with instant push notifications and an interactive community feed ensures your organization keeps members in the know and connected to you and other members.

Here are others benefits for your association.

  • Promote your biggest events. Drive event registration for an upcoming conference or event with automatic push notifications and in-app alerts to notify a member to register for the event directly within the app.
  • Publish your news articles with automatic push notifications. Get members to read and comment on the relevant industry articles you post.
  • Poll your members. Show the value of your association by posting and promoting a survey using automatic push notification directing members to complete the survey.
  • Automatic member renewal announcement. If members are eligible to renew their membership, an automatic renewal announcement displays at the top of their feed giving them the ability to renew and submit membership dues through mobile payment.
  • Association-driven announcements. You can push announcements to appear at the top of your members’ feed about the most important items going on at your association.
  • Promote available jobs. From your job board, your members can see a dedicated “My Career” area within the app.
  • Brand your members mobile interface experience. Customize the mobile interface your members see when they log into the app. Your members will immediately recognize your brand with colors and logos within the app. This allows you to step above the static look and feel of Facebook and LinkedIn, and connect with your members through a branded app experience.

So, don’t you think it’s time to transform your member experience with a social mobile app to fit the way they want to connect with you and others?