The small association’s guide to getting started with an online community

Combine the benefits members value most with the technology they seek

Your organization needs to connect members to events, volunteer opportunities, education, jobs, and industry information. An online community is the ideal vehicle to deliver these types of benefits to your members. It gives your members the tools they need throughout their member journey to learn, share ideas, and become loyal advocates – ultimately driving retention, revenue, and member satisfaction.

So why haven’t you launched an online community yet? Maybe you aren’t sure how to get started. Or maybe your small staff feels too strapped for time to manage one more thing.

No matter what’s been holding you back, there’s good news. Launching an online community is easier than you think.

This guide offers insights into four key areas to help you get started:

  • Ideas for what you can do with an online community
  • Simple steps for launching an online community
  • Best practices for building a thriving online community
  • Tips on what to look for in online community technology

Download this e-book today and get started with an online community.


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