Drive traffic to your association’s career center

A career center offers many benefits to your members. It connects your members with their next great new hire or career opportunities. Make members fully aware of the benefits available on your career center through your existing association marketing channels. Member traffic is key to a successful career center, and awareness starts with frequent exposure. Follow these simple steps to increase career center awareness and member satisfaction with minimal effort.

1. Association Website
  • Widget: Place a job widget on the association homepage for an eye-catching way to advertise your career center while providing dynamic content for members. Job views increase by as much as 93% within the first three months.
  • Banner ads: Graphic ads catch visitor’s attention and increase career center awareness. A well-placed ad can drive 40% of overall career center traffic.
  • Top navigation link: Ensure your members find your career center by having the link front and center on your navigation menu.
2. Job Flash™ Email
  • Send a dedicated email to your association members, and registered job seekers will spike job board traffic 763%! Thus, proving active industry jobs is interesting and relevant content to your members.
3. Social Media Channels 
  • Careers Tab: Add a Careers tab to your Facebook page for easy access to a list of recently posted jobs.
  • RSS Feed: Use an RSS feed to automatically share recently posted jobs directly on your social media channel.
  • Ads: And publish creative ads on your channel to remind followers to upload their resumes or set up a Job Alert.

It’s easy to see all the ways to incorporate career center messaging through your marketing channels. A distinct career center presence on your association’s website, social media, and dedicated jobs emails will reach members in every place they turn to for association information.  Your members should understand all the member value you offer through your career center well beyond job postings. There are many aspects of your career center that your members may not know about. Check out all these career resources here that are complimentary to your members and your association.

For additional ways to support your members and grow your career center, check out our list of 101 proven ideas to grow your Career Center engagement and revenue.

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