#ASAE17 session: Challenges faced, lessons learned from applying an education strategy.

Change is a noun and a verb. Wait. Before you blame the foreign guy (that’s me) for bad grammar in using this phrase, let me clarify. At the upcoming 2017 ASAE Annual in the great city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, there will be a session of the same named presented by our client, the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery (AAOS).

I want to highlight their session entitled “Change is a Noun and a Verb, Take 2.” It will be led by Ellen Moore (Chief Education Officer) and Maureen Geoghegan (Director of Marketing). They will offer an insightful look at the challenges they faced and the lessons learned from the ongoing process of implementing an education strategy.

Trust me, it’s a few Harvard Business Review-level case studies wrapped into one session. The AAOS team’s experiences dealing with market forces, external factors and internal changes provide a complex landscape of many takeaways on a “do’s and don’ts” list for us facing change.

Yet, they’ve survived, and thrived in many ways. And, they continue to iterate. That’s some of the key takeaways. In the professional education world we’re now living in, where we face market shifts in consumer trends, digitization and mass disruption throughout standard industries, the AAOS story is a comforting journey in pragmatism, forthrightness and patience, sprinkled with great courage and optimism (read: real leadership).

As a bonus, we’ll showcase AAOS’ learning portal and some of the ways organizations are succeeding in today’s challenged marketplace within professional education and development.

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