8 ways to rekindle your relationship with association members.

Have you ever been excited about the premiere of a new TV show that you had to watch it, because the promos were just oh-so-compelling? But, while the first episodes were great, by episode four, you start to lose interest and move on to the next Netflix recommendation. Then a few seasons pass, and you hear from your family and friends it’s still a must-watch.

Do you give it another chance and reinvest hours getting caught up? Or, do you remain confident in your decision to have moved on?

A similar situation can occur when members join your association. Once you onboard new members, it doesn’t end there. You need to keep them actively engaged and interested in your organization, so they keep coming back for more.

Still, no matter what you do, there are those who get distracted and move away from what you offer. What can you do to re-engage those members who are no longer enthusiastic?

Try these 8 tactics to win them back!

1. Distribute surveys to better understand members and collect data. This can be done through email, social media, or both. Having members answer simple surveys helps you understand their needs and challenges, so you can figure out ways to better serve them.

2. Engage with an online quiz. Using a tool like Playbuzz to make a quiz that’s entertaining, challenging, interesting or nostalgic is fun to keep members engaged with your association.

3. Share industry trends or hacks. Don’t just share information about your association. Share industry information your members appreciate. Members will see your association as the go-to place for information about their profession and industry.

4. Regularly send an email newsletter. In your newsletter, include any or all the first three tactics listed above, plus anything new at your association. This is also a great place to celebrate new members, as well as current members and their recruitment efforts.

5. Publish a blog with useful information, tips and insights—things your members care about. While a blog is a powerful tool to attract new members, it’s also just as powerful for keeping members engaged. Create separate topics to address recruiting, onboarding and retaining members.

6. Make available “best of” industry lists. A big part of keeping members engaged is producing and distributing compelling content your members want to read and engage. A “best of” list provides members with valuable, industry-specific content.

7. Offer valuable training and education. This is a BIG ONE. Training and education are fantastic to provide value to your members. Make sure you are creating top-quality resources, such as webinars, live events, videos or readable content.

8. Partner with other organizations to deliver training members want. If your association doesn’t have the resources to provide members with the training they are asking for, utilize your relationships with other organizations or businesses to make that happen.

Even if your team doesn’t have the bandwidth to experiment with all these tactics, that’s okay. Each quarter, give a few of these a try and see what happens with your member engagement levels.

Your members want value from your organization, so it adds something to their professional lives. Provide them information, training, networking events, etc., that are relevant to their needs and keeps them motivated to become life-long members at your association.

If you’re interested in finding other ways to delight your members along their journey, then download our ebook, “50 Ways to Boost Association Membership,” today.


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