Whether you’re hosting virtual or in-person events, it’s always important to look for ways to more effectively communicate the events’ value. Of course, the actual value comes from the overall experience you create for your attendees: the content, the quality of speakers, and the social and networking opportunities.

But, how do you convey the value of that experience? How do you create the impression a member (or prospective member) can’t afford to miss the event?

Let me introduce you to the mighty microsite. It might sound small, but it has the power to boost your association event results.

In fact, I’m a member of the Community Brands team that offers design services to help associations supercharge their association’s events with microsites. I often hear from customers after an event that they wish they had set up a microsite. Others who work with us on an event microsite say they wish they hadn’t waited so long to do it.

“I’m really pleased with how well the site has come out. I found the team to be collaborative to work with and they asked clarifying questions to make sure they knew what I wanted and what could be done. I think investing the time in the style guide and showing pictures of what I wanted from other websites really helped the team bring the vision to life.” Dawn Rogers, North Carolina Society for Human Resource Management

So, what is a microsite?
A microsite is a standalone web page living outside of your organization’s primary website. Some characteristics of a microsite include:

  • A focus on a narrow topic or issue.
  • Its own branding, colors, and template.
  • Its own menu, navigation, and interior pages.

An event microsite can be a dynamic single page or multiple interactive sections. However, its real power is derived from its tight focus. Its key feature: It is event specific. It doesn’t hold the broader objectives of your association website.

Microsites can do wonders for your events.
When done right, an event microsite generates tremendous buzz about your event. Separate from your brand’s website, a microsite uses different forms of branding to reach new audiences. It can generate new leads for your organization. It can create interest in your brand and website.

Here are six ways a microsite can help boost your association’s event results:

1. Unique branding – A microsite creates a unique brand for your event.

2. Clearer message – It’s easier to focus your event message or value proposition when it’s separated from the unrelated content on your association website. Visitors see exactly what you want them to see. And, they don’t have to do any searching.

3. Easier setup – Microsites can be set up quickly. This makes them ideal for events with a short lifespan, such as your annual conference.

4. More attention – People visiting your homepage may quickly scan for new content, then leave before digging deeper. A microsite gives you more opportunities to grab them with information and design, conveying the appeal of your event.

5. Targeted email integration – You can leverage your email campaigns by integrating a microsite. An event microsite provides a landing spot for campaigns, where you can track performance. This gives you valuable insight into the effectiveness of your overall promotional efforts.

6. Enhanced SEO – Get a unique URL for your event. Use relevant keywords. Couple those with a site highly focused on your event. What do you get? Better performance in search engines.

Learn more
Your event may be small, but a well-executed microsite can help capture your members’ attention and ultimately deliver big results for your association. Find out how to create standalone event microsites that get big results. Get started by requesting a design consultation today.

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