6 tips to keep new members engaged with your association 

Keeping new members engaged with your association is key. This approach ensures your organization thrives for years to come.

Think about it: Most people decide if they’re going to participate in your association long-term within the first months, days and even minutes of joining. The first interactions with your organization make a lasting impression on a new member. They provide the hook needed for you to build a relationship that lasts for many years.

To make that relationship a strong one, here are six tips to keep your new members engaged:

1. Thank them. It’s a simple gesture. Thanking new members for joining your organization makes them feel appreciated right away. Send new members an email or phone call from your executive director. Celebrate them by listing each new member in your email newsletter. And, consider sending new members a welcome gift.

2. Give them an orientation. Make new members feel at home. Let them know what to expect next and where to go for information. For example:

  • What communications can they expect to receive from you?
  • Ask to be added to their “safe sender” list, so they won’t miss any updates from you.
  • Direct them to online resources, such as your calendar of events, career center or online member community.

3. Assign them a “buddy”.Through your social community, connect new members with top volunteer ambassadors or “buddies.” This helps new members get to know the organization and feel more welcome.

4. Get personal.  Personalize the member experience. Present your members with content specific to their needs and interests. You will win them over by showing you understand them and you’re working to deliver value to them.

5. Take it a step further. Take your member experience to the next level. Offer recommendations, such as job postings based on member certifications or CE course completions.

6. Foster continuous engagement. Use a mobile app to engage your members through push notifications. For example, as an important topic is talked about within your member community, notify members so they can join the conversation.

Discover more tips about how to keep new members engaged with your association. Download our Onboarding New Members for Long-Term Success, a tip sheet exclusively for associations


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