5 ways to grab your association members’ attention.

It’s a challenge in today’s busy, tech-fueled world to cut through the noise of your members’ daily lives and grab their attention. So, how do you do it?

Your members are no different from you and me. They also expect convenience and personalization in just about everything they do. Show them you understand their rising expectations, and your association is keeping pace with their demands. It’s a great way to start. Here are five ideas to do just that. 

1. Get personal. Members understand associations collect a lot of information about them. Therefore, they expect to get relevant content aligning with their profile demographics and preferences. Presenting your members with content specific to their needs catches their eye. It shows you understand them, and you’re working to deliver value to them. 

2. Take it to the next level. Personalization goes beyond giving your members content based on their profiles. Your members know you’re collecting data on their activities and purchases, too. There’s a rising expectation to serve up relevant recommendations about additional courses, products, reading materials and even job opportunities, all based on past behaviors. Take your member experience to the next level. Offer can’t-miss recommendations, such as job postings based on certifications or CE course completions. 

3. Do a tech check. Smartphones. Tablets. Smart TV. Smart speakers. Wearables. Your members have technology preferences for engaging with your organization. Consider conducting a member survey to better understand your members’ digital behavior. Learn how they like to interact with your association. Let them know you’re collecting the information to help create a better member experience and meet their expectations. Then, store the information you collect in your association management system (AMS). Use it for future segmentation and targeted communications via channels they simply can’t ignore. 

4. Focus your efforts. Nowadays, it’s easy to fall into the trap of jumping at every shiny new technology solution or communications strategy. But, such an approach leads to doing many things not-so-well. And that’s a great way to lose your members’ attention. Use what you learn about them to focus on their needs. When you do, the tech solutions and approaches will improve the member experience in areas they value most. 

5. Think mobile. You’ve heard this before, but, it’s worth repeating. Your members expect to easily access your website and content with their mobile devices. Period. So, no matter how earnest you work to grab their attention, if you aren’t thinking about your members’ mobile experience in everything you do, you could lose their attention nearly as quickly as you get it. Remember, mobile responsive design isn’t just for your association’s website. It’s also for delivering messages and content via email, online communities and education courses. Also, design content for digital and mobile consumption, rather than posting printed content online.

Looking for more tips and techniques? Check out our Digital Member Study today.

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