5 job posting tips for employers using your association’s career center.

Your career center is a place where employers come to find the top talent within your niche or industry. To help them attract more job views and applications, consider sharing with them these 5 simple steps to writing effective job postings.

Combine optimized keywords with industry-specific slang.
Write like your ideal hire speaks and thinks. What words and phrases do you search for if you’re looking for your job? Be direct. Talk to them the way you want to be spoken to if looking for this position. Use precise keywords applicants use when seeking a position or career, including popular terms used within your industry. Think about how they talk when describing your available position.

For maximum response, always include salary information. Passive job seekers are more likely to respond to a job if there’s a salary close to or higher than what they currently make. Leaving this information out may eliminate you from the running with those who are happily employed, but may consider the right move.

Be concise, but descriptive.
“[Job Title] Wanted” is concise, but doesn’t generate results. It gets lost among better described positions. “Excellent [Job Title] Opportunity Available at Growing [City] Medical Center” delivers concise keywords, while generating excitement with the applicant. Provide relevant and engaging details to build anticipation about the job and create enthusiasm about the position. The goal is to engage and create excitement among job seekers.

Answer the question: “What’s in It for me?”
There’s a lot of competition for your position. You need to stand out from the crowd by presenting a great first impression of your company. Your posting is your chance to set yourself apart and rise above the competition. Tell applicants why your position is better than everyone else’s and go beyond phrases like “competitive salary.” The better option is to use phrases like “Exceptional, Comprehensive Benefits Package.” The goal is to pique their interest and make them want to learn more about the vacation, insurance and additional company benefits.

Tell them how to apply.
To get the best applicants, you need to get job seekers to apply for your position. If you put yourself in the seat of the applicant, you will understand long application processes deter people from applying. Searching for a job is already a job within itself, because some applicant tracking systems (ATS) can take up to an hour to get through, without even knowing if the person wants the job. If you have a lengthy ATS process, make up for it by ensuring your job posting is well-written. However, to encourage more applications, use a screening process first and then ask for more information from those you deem qualified for the next step.

Make it easy to communicate with you.
Job seekers like to know their resumes have been received and who to follow up with to check on their application status. Make it easy for them to get this information by providing an email to submit their application and then set up an autoresponder thanking them for applying and telling them the next steps. This action goes a long way, especially if your hiring process takes a while.

By sharing these tips with your organization’s members, many of whom might be employers, your career center becomes more valuable than those boards which do take employer postings, but offer little in education for them. Their time is valued, and this simple act shows them you think they’re worth it. Share away!

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