Make it easier to award continuing education credits to your association’s event attendees

Your events are a great source of learning opportunities for your members’ professional development.

The right technology can help you streamline the process of tracking and awarding continuing education credits and certifications to your event attendees.

If your association is like most, events are a big part of the value proposition for your members. One of the greatest benefits your events provide members is educational opportunities for professional development.

Your members look to your association for learning opportunities that allow them to fulfill industry continuing education requirements. And your events help you deliver those opportunities. At the same time, your members want to advance their careers, and they need the certifications to do so.

But managing events year-round – from webinars and meetings to virtual, in-person, and hybrid conferences – and keeping track of continuing education credits and certifications can be a handful if you try to tackle it all manually.

Streamlining continuing education credits and certifications from your events

When you have a small staff, it makes sense to find ways to increase efficiency. Putting technology to work can help you streamline your event management as well as the process of tracking and awarding professional development credits and certifications for your event attendees.

YourMembership membership management software includes functionality to help on both fronts:

Event management

Event management functionality in YourMembership AMS helps you create and manage everything from small meetings to large-scale events. You can clone past events to save time on event setup. And you can manage every aspect of your event – event details, online registration, ticketing, attendee waiting lists, check-in, badge printing – all from the YourMembership association management software (AMS) system.

TIP: With the mobile event app from YourMembership association management software, you can engage attendees through surveys, polls, and audience response systems that assist with learning.

YourMembership AMS also offers YourMembership Learning, powered by Freestone learning management system (LMS), to help you deliver professional development opportunities to your members through live and on-demand content. It’s an easy-to-use LMS for delivering your continuing education via webinars, webcasts, and on-demand streaming.

Continuing education credit and certification management

Using YourMembership AMS, you can also track who attended each event and session, and then automatically award the appropriate number of credits to each attendee. To make things easier on your members and staff, your members can log in to a member portal to view their continuing education credits and certifications. And you can set up YourMembership association management software to automatically send emails when members have earned credits.

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With a small staff, it’s especially important for your organization to find ways to work as efficiently as possible. YourMembership association management software can help you streamline your event and continuing education credit/certification management activities while delivering a great member experience. Learn more: Explore YourMembership AMS.

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By Kyela Bishop, YourMembership Marketing Coordinator, Community Brands

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