Xperience sessions made for continuing education professionals

Community Brands Xperience conference is just around the corner on November 10-13 in Orlando, Florida. We have a schedule packed with programming to give you knowledge and ideas to help take your education strategy to the next level. Check out these learning focused sessions to hear key best practices and insights that you can apply back at the office:

Tips to Turning your Lifelong Members into Lifelong Learners
It’s no secret that your members look to your association to help them advance professionally. You may have the basic tools to get members started in their continuing education journey, but it takes more to engage and capture them as learners (and members) for life. We’ll show you how.

Learner Engagement: Take It Up a Notch with Marketing
You put your heart and soul into your course creation. However, “If you build it, they will come” will only get you so far. Marketing your courses to members and industry professionals will give you the traffic boost you need. If you aren’t already doing it, learn how. If you are, come share your successes.

The Lifecycle of Your Content: Development Strategy Workshop
So you’ve implemented a learning management system – now what? Quality content and design is at the heart of driving engagement, which is why having a strategy for content creation is vital to the success of your learning program. In this session, we’ll discuss a tried-and-true content development process and start to build your own strategy unique to your organization.

Bridging the Gap Between Career Advancement and Continuing Education
Join us as we discuss the intersection of professional development and career advancement from the member perspective. You’ll learn what members expect and desire from their association for career growth; what types of learning and continuing education experiences members really want; and how organizations can provide assistance in cultivating career opportunities and advancement for members.

Designing the Future State for Your Learning Strategies
Adult learners want information now. They demand formats and platforms that are accessible 24/7, and current and relevant to their job, their career development, and their interests. Many associations continue to rely on traditional conference models as a primary revenue source without focusing on learning impact and application of knowledge in job skills and competencies for the future workforce. Poorly attended workshops and limited use of online learning only reach a small percentage of total membership. It’s time to design a future state for your learning strategy to include engaging content, competencies, digital recognitions, and a data and analytics plan to demonstrate use, value, and learner impact. This masterclass will engage CEOs/EDs with key staff to collaborate and develop actionable scenarios for small and large associations.

Tips to Launching a Successful Learning Management System
Did you know, one of the biggest drivers of member acquisition is continuing education? Fifty-one percent of members chose to join their association for training and education. As a small-staff association, launching a learning management system (LMS) can seem overwhelming. In this session, we’ll review the key to successfully launching a learning management system with YourMembership.

Authentic Analytics
Analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) for education are not science fiction. In fact, they’re well within reach for professional education and nonprofits. Authentic analytics is solving real business challenges to help organizations review and visualize large and complex sources of education data. In this session, we’ll cover real examples of organizations, their challenges, how we solved them, and what impact in terms of savings and insights was realized. We can demystify and show you how analytics are applied, explain how AI works using common language, and demonstrate practical uses in education.

Using Live Online Events to Meet the Needs of Multimodal Learners
We know association members are now learning anytime, anywhere, and in a variety of different formats (five on average!). This adoption of a multimodal way of learning provides professional organizations with ample opportunities and challenges to creatively deliver educational content in engaging ways. While annual conferences and on-demand learning courses aren’t going anywhere, webinars and webcasts are an increasingly powerful way to deliver professional education for organizations of all sizes. We’ll walk through eight considerations to help you on your journey to professional, seamlessly-executed webinars for continuing education.

Haven’t registered for Xperience 2019 yet? Do so now! You can find our full list of available sessions here.

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