Virtual events engage and grow value for association members

Virtual events are essential in today’s climate, but they have always been a great source of value, especially to your association members. They offer a convenient, dynamic, and low-cost way for members to engage with your association between your annual meetings and other onsite events.

Virtual engagement is everywhere: conferences, webinars, presentations, careers fairs, networking events. In every case, members can enjoy the benefits of these events without the added costs of travel and in the convenience of their home or office.

By leveraging virtual events, your association casts a net far beyond your loyal members who attend onsite events. They ultimately strengthen a broad number of member relationships and can attract new members to your association.

Let’s explore some examples and benefits of non-traditional online recruiting events.

Exclusive recruiting open house event.
What it is: This type of event allows a key employer to host a conversation-style session with your members and/or job seekers. Using a virtual event platform, the company can build their brand as a high-profile employer in your niche, showcases open jobs, shares company overviews, videos, and other important elements.

How it works: Your member and candidates are invited to the event to network, have discussions and even participate in preliminary interviews with company representatives, recruiters, hiring managers or potential peers. It’s a productive technique for employers to screen candidates and convey the value of working at their company. It opens the door for your members to make connections with desirable employers without formally applying for specific job openings.

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Virtual career fair.
What it is: This event is similar to the open house format, but hosts dozens of employers instead of highlighting one specific company. It offers the advantages of a physical career fair while removing the barriers of travel for employers and job seekers. It efficiently engages and provides value to members and serves your industry at the same time as generating non-dues revenue. Hosting a virtual career fair also allows attendees expand their professional network and opens employers to top candidates in the industry.

How it works: Virtual career fairs work by offering employers the option purchase customizable online booths where they spotlight open jobs, describe company benefits and culture, showcase videos, and other important materials. Candidates will visit these booths during the event and have the option to chat privately with prospective employers. All interactions are recorded, rated and stored for detailed post-event reporting. This is an enormous value for both your members and the participating employers.

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Events like these empower you to connect top employers with your members and job seekers who can help improve their company performance. Each event offers both active and passive jobseekers the chance to make initial connections without committing to a full application. Employers develop their pipeline of talent, and professionals grow their networks—with your association’s brand as the facilitator. The best part, your association generates non-dues revenue from the participating employers who sponsor these events!
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