Top 5 member retention blogs of 2020

Every day presents another opportunity in a member’s experience with your organization to win them over. By arming yourself with the tips and information in these blogs, you’ll be well on your way to building a membership renewal strategy that will help your association thrive for years to come.

Michelle Schweitz, YourMembership Marketing Manager

Author Michelle Schweitz, Marketing Manager, Community Brands



I’ve compiled the topmost read member retention blogs of 2020. Start renewing more members with the best practices to keep your members around year after year.

One simple way to increase your association’s member retention: auto-renewal


Association member retention: hard lesson learned.


Why small associations should re-think their member retention strategy


Member Loyalty Community Brands Study

Do you know what keeps your members coming back?


Member Renewal Blog Post

4 membership renewal strategies to start now


Bonus new blog:

How to improve member retention in your members’ first 90 days

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