9 sponsorship ideas for your association’s next virtual event

Sponsors and exhibitors are a vital part of a successful online event.

Read on for nine great ideas for packages that sponsors can’t pass up.

Michelle Schweitz, YourMembership Marketing Manager

By Michelle Schweitz, Marketing Manager, Community Brands


This very well might become known as the year of the virtual event. Like many companies and organizations, your association has likely moved an in-person event online. Or, if not, you probably will soon.

As with in-person events, sponsors and exhibitors are an important part of virtual events. incorporating them in the online experience:

  • Gives you the opportunity to generate additional revenue
  • Gives sponsors the opportunity to reach a broader audience
  • Extends more of the on-site experience to online attendees

Here are nine sponsorship ideas for your association’s next virtual event:

1. Registration page – Give sponsors the opportunity to include a logo on your virtual event registration page.

2. “Lobby” slides – Allow sponsors to display a slide with their logo and contact information on it before the event begins and/or during transitions between sessions.

3. Sponsor announcements – Allow industry partners to sponsor sessions and provide a one-minute sponsor announcement at the beginning of each session. This can include a visual image or quick demo of their product for the benefit of online viewers.

4. Sponsored tab – Incorporate a custom tab in your session viewer that has text, videos, or downloadable content about a sponsor or exhibitor.

5. Spotlight interviews or vendor demos – Pre-record spotlight interviews or vendor demos with your sponsors and exhibitors to play during session breaks.

6. Networking or breakout session sponsorship options – Allow industry partners to moderate or sponsor breakout sessions on a certain topic. Sponsoring a virtual networking hour offers great exposure for companies as well.

7. Recorded commercials – Capitalize on the time attendees spend waiting to join a session by displaying pre-recorded commercials or rotating slides from sponsors and exhibitors.

8. Virtual exhibit hall – Give your attendees a place to learn more about important products and services with an online exhibit hall. Virtual exhibitors can host online booths and be available for live chats with attendees during pre-set hall hours.

9. Year-round packages – Offer packages that include year-round sponsorship opportunities. In addition to virtual event sponsorships, these packages might include advertising opportunities via your association’s publications, job boards, social media, and online educational events.

Once you have sponsors and exhibitors on board, make sure you show them as much value as possible for their investment. Adding extra sponsor value and perks throughout the event will keep your sponsors and exhibitors happy and returning year after year.

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