Improve member retention with the power duo of an online job board and your AMS

Using online job board software paired with modern association management software can help you to not only attract new members, but also keep them around long term.

Here’s how you can improve member retention using this powerful technology duo.


By Kyela Bishop, Marketing Coordinator, Community Brands



Using an online job board paired with modern association management software (AMS) is a great approach for recruiting new members. After all, association industry research shows that job opportunities are one of the top reasons people join an association. And connecting your online job board with your AMS gives you an effective way to deliver the career development resources that attract new members.

But this power duo of a job board integrated with your AMS can go beyond member recruitment to also improve member retention. It can help you demonstrate ongoing member value that keeps members around year after year, throughout their entire career journey.

TIP: YM Careers by Community Brands offers job board software for associations. It allows you to easily build an online career center that gives your members a single, convenient place to turn throughout their careers for help and support when they need it.

Let’s take a look at some examples.

Here are six practical ways to use an online job board with your AMS to help you retain members:

1) Promote valuable job board features.
Promote features of your job board or career center – such as job postings and career resources – in your online member community to drive current members to a valuable resource that they might not know about.

TIP: YourMembership AMS by Community Brands includes online community functionality that helps you improve collaboration among members and connect members to personalized content, career and learning opportunities, and other member benefits.

2) Share the online career center experience.
Post a short video of your online career center experience – such as signing in, clicking on a job opportunity, and clicking through to apply – in your online member community to help promote your career center to members and show them how to start using it.

3) Provide career-building benefits.
Each month, pull a list from your AMS of active job seekers and send them an email with links to your online career center for tips and best practices for career advancement. This will help to provide members with the career-building benefits they seek, which encourages member retention.

4) Enhance your member experience.
Create discussion groups in your online member community inspired by topics from your career center, such as job interview tips or résumé techniques, to keep members engaged.

5) Make job searching efficient.
Give members the opportunity to opt in to receive intelligent job recommendations based on their AMS member profile data, such as job title and locations, so they can passively search for new career opportunities.

6) Generate better marketing efforts through monthly reports. 
Generate a monthly report in your AMS that shows member activity on your job board and use that data to drive more informed member marketing and engagement efforts.

A powerful software duo for member retention (and more)
YM Careers job board software and YourMembership AMS integrate easily to help you attract and retain new members. But stronger membership recruitment and retention are just two benefits of using an online career center with a modern AMS system. This power duo can also help your association boost revenue – helping your entire association grow.

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