This year, celebrate Canada Day in your association’s online community

Connect with your members, even without in-person events.

Your online community is where your members can stay connected with each other and your organization – the perfect place to engage members on important days.

Michelle Schweitz, YourMembership Marketing Manager


By Michelle Schweitz, Marketing Manager, Community Brands


Your association can, and should, celebrate important days, like Canada Day, with your members. In fact, you can use your online community to connect with more members than you would in person.

Just think about it: Your online community is a convenient and dynamic place for your members to stay connected and share ideas with each other and your organization. So, why not use it to engage with your members on important days?

Here are some ideas for celebrating Canada Day in your online member community:

  • Get your online community started.
    If you don’t already have an online member community in place, no problem. Even if your association is small, launching an online community is easier than you might think. With the right technology, a few simple steps, and some proven best practices, you can have an online community up and running in no time. Learn more in The Small Association’s Guide to Getting Started with an Online Member Community.
  • Use groups and forums.
    Create discussion groups in advance, encouraging members to share stories about how they plan to celebrate at home with family or with friends and colleagues while social distancing. On the big day, ask them to post pictures and videos of their celebrations.
  • Play virtual games.
    For example, run fun trivia games about Canada. A couple trivia game questions you could ask: Did you know that the Canada and US border is the longest international border in the world? Or Canadians eat more doughnuts per person than any other country? Your association could create an online scavenger hunt. Or, offer up a prize for the best Canada Day patriotic costume and have members send in their photos.
  • Thank your sponsors.
    Your association can thank sponsors of the event via your online community to give them visibility with your members. You can even ask them to transition their previous in-person sponsorship online by sponsoring an online game or providing a Canada Day discount on products or services for your members.
  • Tell your associations story.
    Make a video or blog about the history of your association and the impact it’s made on Canada. This will remind members of the value of membership and the impact that your organization will continue to have on the industry, profession and country. You can make this interactive by posting it in your online community and asking members what they didn’t know that they organizations had done or what impact are they most appreciative of.

Your online member community is an important space for engaging members and providing them with a place to connect with each other and your association.

Discover more possibilities and real-world examples for your online community. Read The Small Association’s Guide to Taking Your Online Member Community to the Next Level

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