#ASAE17 session: Redefining association member value.

Like many of you, I’m excited about attending ASAE Annual. Not only will this be my first time in Toronto, Canada, but I will also be presenting a session on redefining your association’s member value propositions.

Traditional value propositions have shifted to become the expectations of your members. They demand continuing education and job opportunities, networking with their peers, and discounts to your annual conference. But how does that translate to meet their new digital-age expectations?

Think for a moment how your members engage with companies like Amazon and Netflix. What devices are they using to access these sites? Are they using a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, iPad or smart TV? Have they downloaded the apps?

Everyone is attributing Amazon and Netflix for setting these new expectations of delivering an exceptional digital experience. They championed the digital subscription membership model, advanced recommendation engines and on-demand streaming experiences.

While associations still have a lot to learn, luckily for you, Amazon and Netflix have paved the way.

To learn more, join my session at #ASAE17: “8 Tactics to Redefine Your Member Value Propositions and Experience.” There, you will discover eight actionable steps to create new, instant value to members, while understanding what measurable metrics to use and how to pivot accordingly.

Update: ASAE Annual 2019

Take a walk in the park with YourMembership and Community Brands at this years ASAE Annual in Columbus, Ohio. You can book an onsite meeting here.

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