#ASAE17 session: Build an experience-driven organization.

Not long ago, strategy was king. Forecasting, planning and placing smart bets created the power sources within associations and nonprofits. The future of organizations fit into an established framework or system, and, if managed well, success followed.

Today, uncertainty is palpable. Planning for next quarter is a challenge; even more difficult is committing to decisions which will play out in one to five years. What is the new process, the innovative product, the game-changing service or the compelling vision?

Basically, we no longer have a crystal ball.

We are now in an era where innovation leadership is required. Association and nonprofit leaders need to learn how to operate in challenging, unpredictable circumstances. They also need to create a climate for innovation within their organization. Innovative systems, tools and thinking are essential for any association’s or nonprofit’s health and future viability.

We can get started on this journey at #ASAE17 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I will be presenting a session entitled “Build an Experience-Driven Organization.”

While no one can give association and nonprofit leaders a new crystal ball, they are innovators in their own right. It’s time to learn how to effectively unleash your creativity and empower you to master innovative ways to craft an end-to-end digital journey for your members, keeping them engaged with your organization. It all starts with discovering what kind of real-world membership-driven scenarios can steer your organization’s innovation.

By pairing creative leadership and the power of design thinking, innovation leadership can help you and your organization today and in the uncertain times to come.


Take a walk in the park with YourMembership and Community Brands at this years ASAE Annual in Columbus, Ohio. You can book an onsite meeting here.

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