A powerful way to attract new members that you might not know about

It might feel like you’re doing everything you can to attract new members to your association, but there’s an easy and effective way that you might not know about.  

Here’s how you can improve member recruitment using an online job board with a modern AMS.

Caitlin Hustrulid


By Caitlin Hustrulid, Marketing Manager, Community Brands



Are you doing everything you can to attract more members to your association? It might feel like you are. But there’s a powerful (and easy) way to improve member recruitment that you might not have thought of: offering an online job board that integrates with modern association management software (AMS). 

That might sound like work that requires time you don’t have. But with the right tools, it’s easier than you might think. And the benefits are well worth it.  

Let’s take a closer look at how the combination of an online job board and an AMS system can help you recruit more new members to your association.  

Offering value that attracts new members 

Job opportunities and career development resources are one of the top reasons people join an association. Findings from Community Brands studies of the association industry show that job opportunities are important for member acquisition. They’re tied for the number one reason people join a membership organization and are most important to those early in their career. 

Offering an online job board can establish you as THE go-to resource for career development in your industry. This allows you to offer an irresistible benefit that makes it easier for you to attract new members who are looking for job opportunities and career development. 

Using an online job board and AMS to drive member recruitment 

By connecting your online job board with your AMS, you end up with a powerful member recruitment tool. Here are some examples of how this duo works together:

  • You can drive people (non-members as well as members) to your job board by advertising it on your website, social media accounts, and other marketing channels.
  • You can give non-members limited access to the site, letting them know they can access more job opportunities and career development resources by becoming a member. This is a great way to entice them to join.
  • By integrating your online job board with your AMS, you can gather information about non-members through your job board and then capture that information as prospect records in your AMS. This allows you to do things like
  • Create a list of prospects to use for a member recruitment email series
  • Trigger automated recruitment campaigns in your AMS so you don’t have to send them manually – giving you more time to focus on other things.
  • Invite prospects to virtual or in-person events, such as a career fair, that gives them a taste of the benefits they can receive as a member.

A powerful software duo for member recruitment (and more)
YM Careers job board software and YourMembership AMS – both by Community Brands – integrate easily to help you attract new members. For example, you can collect contact information of non-members who visit your YM Careers-powered job board and sign up as job seekers, and then automatically save the information in YourMembership AMS. You can then put this information to work with easy-to-use marketing tools in YourMembership AMS to drive targeted membership recruitment campaigns.   


Learn more
Stronger membership recruitment is just one benefit of using an online career center with a modern AMS system. It can also help your entire association grow. To find out more, view our free tip sheet to learn “8 Ways to improve recruitment, retention, and revenue with YM Careers and YourMembership AMS.” 

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