Associations and their AMS/MMS Relationships. The Truth and the Fiction

My experience working with people over the years has reaffirmed my belief that many fear, mistrust, or sometimes patently reject things they don’t understand. No one likes to openly admit what he or she don’t know or understand, especially when it’s something that is related to their job. Technology seems to fit nicely into that [...]

Use Design to Define Your Association’s Brand and Grow Membership

Your design choices create the first impression, and lasting perception, of your association in the minds of members, prospective members and your industry. Your branding – your logo, artwork, photography, colors, layouts, fonts, etc. – creates the first overall image someone experiences when looking at your web presence, marketing and member communication pieces and should [...]

The Risk of Not Owning Your Online Brand

I was talking with an association executive recently about their social media and online community efforts and was surprised to learn that they were considering turning off their integrated online community in favor exclusively using the LinkedIn group page for their association. While on the surface it might seem like a good idea since their [...]

The 10 Essential Questions to Answer for the 2015 Association Budgeting Season

Annual budget planning, projection and execution are the backbone to the long-term fiscal viability of any association. By appropriating money ahead of time to purchase association-building assets you will be prepared for and will expedite the selection, purchase and implementation process the moment it’s time to take action. Budgeting now for 2015 purchases both large [...]

Are You in Tune with Your Members and Prospects?

Gibson has developed a new technology for their electric guitars. It is a big, blocky looking, battery-powered robot tuner that tunes your guitar in seconds. Seriously? As a self-admitted old school kind of guy this just kind of rubs me the wrong way. Since I work for a technology company, I probably should embrace this [...]

Doubling Down on Association Career Centers

The ADP National Employment Report just released by the ADP Research Institute stated that 213,000 jobs were added in September, marking the sixth straight month of employment gains above 200,000. According to Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, “Job gains remain strong and steady. The pace of job growth has been remarkably similar for [...]

Reimagining the Volunteer Model in Associations – Your Questions Answered

Last week we held our monthly thought leadership webinar where Peggy M. Hoffman, CAE, President and Association Manager for Mariner Management & Marketing presented. Peggy took us on a thought-provoking look at the challenging work of volunteer recruitment for associations with Reimagining the Volunteer Model in Association. The webinar was developed from a whitepaper Peggy and Elizabeth [...]

The Dos and Don’ts of Advertising on Your Association Website

Your association likely has a website. It’s the source where members get information, interact with each other, learn about member benefits, and it’s also a place where you’ve worked hard to create value-added member benefits, possibly with an offering like an organization-specific, niche job posting board. As the association, you represent the collective voice of [...]

Search Engines and Social Media. Your questions answered.

Last week we held our monthly Thought Leadership webinar, Search Engines and Social Media. Are you playing hard to get?. We had many association professionals attend who are still working to come up with a winning strategy regarding search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. When implemented correctly they can enhance association marketing efforts and drive more engagement with both [...]

How to Avoid PCSD: Post Conference Stress Disorder

I just returned from the 2014 ASAE conference in Nashville, TN and I was thinking about how rewarding going to conferences can be.  So many interesting people to meet. So much valuable information to absorb. So many new trends, cutting edge strategies and best practices. Unfortunately, all too often we return to our offices full of [...]

Music City, Our Thought Leadership Team, and a Memorable 2014

One of the great things about attending the ASAE Annual Conference is that for a few days you get the opportunity to be totally immersed in all things associations, and this year was no exception.  From the trade show to the education tracks, to the networking opportunities (rain or shine!) it lived up to its [...]

Actually, It Is Personal: Engaging Your Members With an Old School Approach

Whenever I hear that phrase, I feel my blood pressure start to rise! Of course it’s personal – it always has been. The whole notion that business isn’t personal simply provides justification for treating people poorly in the workplace and within organizations. It works to diminish human interaction and the results are almost always counter-productive. [...]

New Member Engagement – Looking For Value Beyond the Welcome Kit

I came across an article recently that was making the case for the undeniable value of the age old new member packet for today’s association. It mentioned how new members are most always engaged members, and that the trusty packet can help those members stay engaged beyond the first exciting months of membership. Interesting thought, [...]

Make the Seemingly Impersonal Personal for Your Members

The image of a world driven by technology has long been portrayed by Hollywood and the Sci-Fi world as cold, impersonal, inhuman, disconnected – you know, soulless computers, cyborgs, dystopia and the like. It can be a little stressful to imagine. Look, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought [...]

What did you just step in? It’s change!

In the movie Forrest Gump our hero, heart broken at the loss of his mom and his best girl Jenny, decides to take a year-long sabbatical by going on a run that takes him coast to coast a couple of times. One day while talking with an admirer as he runs, Forrest steps into a [...]