5 learning tech trends for 2017.

A snapshot from one expert of what associations can expect from learning management systems. At the start of every new year, Talented Learning CEO John Leh offers his take on learning technology trends to watch. This year, he focused on 15 predictions for learning and development professionals to keep in mind. John’s predictions come from […]

Quality trumps volume of applications for association career centers in 2017.

Spend less time competing with mass job boards that offer a larger number of far less qualified talent. A recruiter’s job is to provide internal clients (aka hiring managers) with potential candidates to interview that—if hired—will help advance the organization’s performance. The candidates must be qualified and demonstrate they possess high potential. Across the board, […]

Create real value from 2017 learning trends.

Let’s attack the hype machine in learning. It’s big, but easy to take down. In the education industry, we are notorious hype builders. We quickly herald the start of new trends as quickly as our digitally shortened attention spans enable us. We use terms like “mobile learning,” “micro learning,” “personalized learning” and even “social learning” […]

5 ways your members can up their odds of getting hired from a job board.

The following is a guest blog by certified HR professional, executive coach and CV writer, Carrie Maldonado, who divides her time between consulting with small to mid-size businesses and career coaching with executives in transition. The article originally appeared on the blog site of the Ohio State Bar Association. There are few things as exhilarating, […]

Association leaders, stop! 10 things not worth doing during the New Year.

Editor’s Note: Elizabeth Engle, CAE; Mary Byers, CAE; Peggy Hoffman, CAE; and Shelly Alcorn, CAE provided these 10 tips for 2014 that are still useful as association leaders head into 2017. We’re hoping to lighten your load and not add to your 2017 to-do list. But, honestly, each one takes some work on your part […]

Solving real-world problems through learners.

No matter your politics, our country needs associations. The challenges are our industry’s to take. Collectively, we are at a pivotal point in U.S. history, and associations will be key to bring viable solutions to our country and its challenges. This is no lofty aspiration or illusion of grandeur. While other civic institutions are reeling, […]

5 questions to better market your career center.

  Nothing promotes a career center like putting relevant, niche jobs in front of professionals. When it comes time to look for a new job, professionals turn first to associations, which are among the best places to start. That’s because they know employers savvy enough to recruit via their relevant association channels are looking for […]

Modernize your association with an integrated, cloud-based solution.

  Leverage mobile capabilities to access member information anytime, anywhere. Are your strategies limited by your technology? As associations evolve, they sometimes do not have the time or resources to think long term about scalable management software and business productivity solutions. Instead, they react to the immediate needs of their organizations by patching together a […]

’Tis the season for product roadmaps.

Here’s where YourMembership is headed in 2017, and beyond, to drive more member engagement + increase membership for forward-thinking associations. Around this time, everyone is eager to learn what the New Year will bring. YM customers and partners are no different. YourMembership’s Product Roadmap constantly evolves. But, when the rubber hits the road in 2017, […]

‘A’ is for automation: how a simple word can change your world.

Association auto-renewal + advanced reporting automation enables engagement + retention. As associations become more and more data-driven, the need for automation and efficiency is even more critical. Member expectations are growing faster than ever, board members are seeking return on technology investments, and association professionals are tasked to not only meet, but exceed, these goals […]