Actually, It Is Personal: Engaging Your Members With an Old School Approach

Whenever I hear that phrase, I feel my blood pressure start to rise! Of course it’s personal – it always has been. The whole notion that business isn’t personal simply provides justification for treating people poorly in the workplace and within organizations. It works to diminish human interaction and the results are almost always counter-productive. [...]

New Member Engagement – Looking For Value Beyond the Welcome Kit

I came across an article recently that was making the case for the undeniable value of the age old new member packet for today’s association. It mentioned how new members are most always engaged members, and that the trusty packet can help those members stay engaged beyond the first exciting months of membership. Interesting thought, [...]

Make the Seemingly Impersonal Personal for Your Members

The image of a world driven by technology has long been portrayed by Hollywood and the Sci-Fi world as cold, impersonal, inhuman, disconnected – you know, soulless computers, cyborgs, dystopia and the like. It can be a little stressful to imagine. Look, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought [...]

What did you just step in? It’s change!

In the movie Forrest Gump our hero, heart broken at the loss of his mom and his best girl Jenny, decides to take a year-long sabbatical by going on a run that takes him coast to coast a couple of times. One day while talking with an admirer as he runs, Forrest steps into a [...]

Opportunity Knocks – Are You There?

It seems that when things change for the worse, they tend to do so very quickly- like rising gas prices. Yet, when conditions improve they seem to do so slowly- a penny here, a penny there- never making much of a difference. When the Great Recession hit in 2007, the impact on the job market [...]

Flipping the Membership Equation – Your Questions Answered

Last month we held our Thought Leadership webinar, Flipping the Membership Equation: Thinking Different about Member Retention and Recruitment, and it turned out to be the largest turnout for the webinar series to date. It became very apparent to us in the days leading up to the broadcast that this was a hot button topic [...]

Associations are the Key to our Nation’s History and Prosperity

As we prepare to celebrate the 238th birthday of our nation, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the role associations play in this ongoing experiment of democracy we call America, as  they are very much intertwined within the fabric of our society and our collective history. To interpret the future [...]

I Wasn’t Kidding, LinkedIn is Moving Fast

At the start of 2014, much of the news about the changes on the horizon for the job market was promising, especially for associations with a job board strategy for their members and organization. Hiring was predicted to pick up, even for recent college graduates entering the workforce. Those predictions have proven to be correct. [...]

We All Can Win Championships

I am writing this post from beautiful St. Paul, Minnesota, where I spoke at the Midwest Society of Association Executives 58th Annual Meeting and Expo. I was invited to be one of eight presenters at MSAE’s IGNITE session appropriately titled “Grant Me Insight, and Make it Fast”.  I love these IGNITE sessions, or as I [...]

Believe it or Not, “Members Only” Doesn’t Always Benefit Your Members

It’s not easy to identify ways to make the value of membership offerings resonate with young professionals, but every association and membership organization will need to recruit them and it can be done. We recently held our June webinar entitled Flipping the Membership Equation: Thinking Differently About Membership Recruitment and Retention. In the webinar we discussed the need for [...]

The Undeniable Value of an Integrated Membership Management Software System

I have a question for you. What’s your data integration strategy for your association? There’s no need to worry if you’re at a loss for words. Many organizations don’t have a strategy or even realize how using a tool like an integrated Member Management Software (MMS) solution can be a game changer in increasing the [...]

Hard time getting new members? Maybe you’re in their way.

It is the age-old challenge for all associations – how do I successfully recruit new members and keep the ones I have? Value and relevance lead to recruitment and retention.  That seems to be the equation we are working from today. However, generational changes are requiring organizations to reexamine how they accomplish these tasks. Special [...]

Time to get in the game. There’s a game being played?

Last week we hosted our monthly Thought Leadership Webinar, featuring a whitepaper published by Association Laboratory entitled Looking Forward 2014: An Environmental Scanning Whitepaper for the Association Industry. I recently shared some thoughts on the whitepaper, focusing on the statistic that 78 percent of the association leaders participating in the study identified managing the volume [...]

How to Create Emotional Connections with Event Attendees

Take a moment and think about the last event that you attended that you really loved.  Now think about why you loved that event.  What was it that made that emotional connection with you? Was it good content or great educational materials and courses?  Or was it something else, maybe something you can’t quite put [...]

My Enemy Has Become My Friend

The Internet. The end all to be all. Everything you could want to know or gain access to can be found there. This technological wonder delivered the information age to us front and center, much under the content giant we know as Google, and the world that associations knew for over a century was instantly [...]