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Trust YourMembership to power your online job board just like more than 2,500 associations, publishers and organizations worldwide, generating hundreds of millions of revenue dollars. Evolve into the go-to resource to find talent and fill jobs throughout your industry with a job board marketed and sold to employers that must hire your talent. Your value to candidates and employers quickly rises.

With YM Careers, you can:

  • Grow your job board fast
  • Get an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly solution
  • Turn board users into members or subscribers
  • Maximize content, engagement and revenue
  • Receive free job board marketing aimed at job seekers and employers
  • Obtain free support for job seekers, employers and you

YM Careers job board software is a fully-hosted solution. It includes a complete complement of customer service, sales, marketing, billing, collections and technical support. You also get access to the tools and the sales force to power your career fairs at live and virtual events.

To maximize engagement, every job is optimized for search engines. Meanwhile, candidates get job notices through social media, email and mobile channels, as well as maximize reach with sophisticated programmatic advertising and job distribution.

Increase your value to employers, while boosting revenue, with our ecommerce and sales processes designed to raise your average sales price.

Finally, after you launch your YM Careers job board, you attract more new members and users and earn more revenue providing a valuable service. It all comes from leveraging the industry gold standard of YM Careers.

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