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World-class online learning for more engaging and empowering educational experiences.

Deliver results

Exceed the demands of critical learning and professional education with our award-winning LMS, Crowd Wisdom™.

Engage learners

Connect learners and peers so they share knowledge and guidance in a social and engaging learning environment.

Improve satisfaction

Enhance and personalize the learning experience with easy access at anytime, from anywhere and with any device.

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We set the bar high.

9.8 million annual course enrollments, 3.4 million course credits granted annually.

YourMembership customizes the professional learning experience. Manage all of your educational content formats in one central location, and provide powerful tools to create and deliver assessments, evaluations and learning communities.

LMS features

Powerful LMS features.

Put learning back into your learners’ hands with Crowd Wisdom™

  • Survey + testing engine
  • CE + certification management
  • Course + content development
  • Global infrastructure, hosting + support
  • Professional design services

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Moving industries forward.

Spend less time on daily tasks with an LMS designed specifically for you.


Professional Education

  • Deliver effective + efficient e-learning programs
  • Personalize learning content all in one place
  • Influence success with technology + support



  • Use scoring + assessments
  • Easily track credits + certifications
  • Deliver customized content



  • Offer one-stop access to content
  • Provide webinar + event content options
  • Easily track credits + certifications



  • Get versatile e-commerce options
  • Create consistent branding
  • Receive friendly service + support

Amplify professional development and grow your revenue with an award-winning LMS. Let’s get started!

Who uses YM’s LMS?

Everyone who’s anyone looking to provide vital education to learners.


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Leading Professional Education Programs

Institute of Management Accountants, serving its global membership of 60,000+ as a hub for crucial Continuing Education programs and exam preparation for their global credential.

asrt logo

Healthcare Education Societies + Communities

American Society of Radiologic Technologists, delivering exceptional education about field-related technology and patient care to 130,000+ members and external audiences.

McGraw Hill logo

Publishers + Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

McGraw-Hill Professional, providing two key digital products available for sale to its Global 2000 customer base.

“(YM Learning’s) Crowd Wisdom™ platform . . . has been very successful for our members and non-members alike, coming to purchase products to move their careers forward and provide safe and quality patient care in the U.S. and around the world.”

Myke Kudlas, Chief Academic Officer, American Society of Radiologic Technologists

LMS Social Features

Social learning + knowledge sharing at its best.

Use an LMS that goes anywhere learners go.

As your members connect, collaborate and share across your organization’s online community, you develop a lasting relationship with them and gain valuable business intelligence by observing their behaviors. Keep member connections strong with:

  • Fresh and relevant content
  • Community-based knowledge and personalized professional development
  • Targeted marketing communications

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Professional Education

Enrich professional education.

Are you working too hard overcoming content and course development challenges? If you answered “yes,” it’s okay. Use our content and course development services to get your online learning back on track and members headed down a path to career success. With YM, you get:

  • An educational programming consultation.
  • A content audit.
  • Course development.
  • An interactive e-learning format.
  • Course revisions using the best LMS tools.


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Implementation Support

Your success is our drive.

Build momentum for your program.

We’re all about relationships, not transactions. Your implementation focuses on the long-term success of your e-learning program. Our dedicated team goes beyond the installation to build momentum for your program with timely tests and adjustments so it continues to be successful.


Get the latest version . . . always.

With your cloud-hosted LMS, you always have the latest and greatest features as they are added. You no longer have to worry about web-hosting, security, data backups or end-user support. We keep a keen eye on the technology and success of your program, so you can sit back and watch your numbers grow.

Amplify professional development and grow your revenue with an award-winning LMS. Let’s get started!

Next-generation LMS is here.

How healthy is your LMS?

Learn about the 10 traits of successful e-learning programs, and the five most common mistakes that suppress success.

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Content development

Quality content and design drives successful e-learning programs, providing the best learner engagement and experience.

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LMS features

Elevate e-learning with Crowd Wisdom™’s intuitive features that simplify the learning experience and exceed your organizational goals.

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