Your one-way ticket to delivering major value for 2022 and beyond.

Land the perfect balance between what your members value most and what your association can offer.

Here’s what you’ll learn


What do your members value?

Let’s look at the latest association trend data to align your strategy with what members value most.


What approach is best for lapsed members?

Get a closer look into how lapsed members differ from current members.


Do you know your member's priorities?

Find out what’s important to your members based on their career stage.


Is it time to revisit your strategy?

Gain insight on how to keep your members engaged with tips to re-evaluate your organizational strategy.

With data to help you go after your member’s needs, let the sky be the limit for your association.

Take flight with insights from the latest association trend study from Community Brands. It’s time to address the disconnects between what members value and where associations focus their energy.

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