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How to set the right price for your membership models

Is the price right? This easy-to-use guide will help you evaluate your association’s current membership model and determine the best pricing strategy for your unique membership levels and packages.

8 ways to enhance communications strategy

Learn how to set membership model pricing that’s right on target for your association. This guide will help you:


Evaluate your current levels.

Membership is the core offering for your association. Here you’ll understand where to start by evaluating your members’ needs as well as your associations’.


Discover common strategies.

Consider industry-leading approaches and evaluate your association’s value, your competition, and your member’s pricing sensitivity.


Determine your goals.

Set your sights on success. Find the winning balance between affordability and profitability to put you on the right path towards deciding on the ideal price.

Roll out new levels.

Start boosting your value and profits by spreading the word! Identify the right marketing channels and craft messaging around membership benefits your industry can’t resist.

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