Gaining board approval for new membership software

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As your organization grows, it may be time to look at new membership management software to support your evolving needs. But, replacing your existing membership management software or investing in one for the first time can be one of the largest investments and one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make at your organization.

So, how do you convince your board it’s time for new technology?

Building the business case for a technology change starts early — well before you put a software contract in front of your board. It requires a review of the goals and challenges of your organization as well as the potential benefits a new membership management solution can have for your organization.

This guide will prepare you to speak confidently and intelligently about why it’s time to invest in new technology. In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • A checklist of the key elements your business case should include
  • Suggestions for the types of detailed information to present to your board
  • Key points to make to your board as you present your business case

Let’s get started! Download the guide today.

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