Capturing Continuous Feedback to Drive Member Value and Retention

Learn how to capture valuable feedback from your members.

One of the largest disconnects between associations and their members is the lack of communication between the two. How do you know if your members are satisfied with the services and benefits you’re providing? And of these, which are most beneficial to your members? Which are lacking in true value? There’s no better way to gauge this than by simply asking. 

More than half of members join associations specifically for networking, continuing education and career advancement opportunities. Gathering feedback from your members will not only reaffirm your commitment to them, but it will also give you insight into how effective your association is at delivering the value your members seek. Gathering continuous feedback can improve new member attrition, continuously engage members and ultimately increase member retention rates.  

In this session, we uncovered: 

  • Why feedback campaigns are important to your association 
  • What questions to ask and to whom 
  • How to address member value, career development, retention and learning effectiveness 
  • How to set up feedback automation through integrations with your AMS and LMS 

Watch this webinar today. 



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