Branding Toolkit

for small staff associations

Tips and templates to help you refresh your organization’s value proposition and brand

You might think of your brand as simply a logo and the colors you use for graphic design. But your brand is really the complete identity of your organization.

It helps people to recognize your organization. It also tells your members, prospective members, partners, and others what your organization is like to work with and what value your organization provides.

A brand strategy can become complex, but it doesn’t have to. And with a small staff, the last thing you need is a time-consuming process that leaves you with a mountain of brand files and guidelines that you’ll never use.

That’s why this branding toolkit focuses on simple foundational elements to help you create or refresh your small association’s branding. In this kit, you’ll find ideas, tips, and templates for developing and refining:

  • Member personas
  • A value proposition
  • Brand identity components
  • Branding guidelines

Ready to bring new life to your association’s branding?

Let’s get started.


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