Crowd Wisdom® and Freestone®

Award-winning learning management systems

Take online learning to the next level.

Deliver high-quality, engaging online education content through a variety of formats.

Engage learners with a rich learning experience.
Deliver a personalized and intuitive learner journey. Exceed your learners’ expectations by leveraging the latest education strategies and learning technology.

Empower and cultivate career growth with certifications.
Connect learners with a clear career path through professional and competency development. Easily administer dynamic tests and assessments to help learners manage credit education units and certifications.

Enhance engagement with a learning community.
Encourage learners to collaborate and share knowledge through a unified community within courses, discussions or blogs. Learners can provide peer-to-peer feedback to strengthen the learning experience.

Diversify your revenue stream.
Maximize your revenue by offering credentialing and certification programs in a variety of formats. Repurpose and rebroadcast content to increase your audience and generate incremental revenue.

Because powerful work needs powerful tech.

Integrated solutions for associations by Community Brands

Branded, Customized Interface

Strengthen your brand and online experience with CSS/HTML capabilities.

Centralized Learning Hub

Develop courses faster by easily pulling content from one central source.

Assessment & Testing

Administer dynamic tests and assessments to your learners.

Tracking & Certifications

Track and manage continuing education credits and certifications.

Webinars & Webcasts

Organize, schedule and deliver live and on-demand courses, keep audiences engaged and monitor participation.

Personalized Learning Paths

Identify learner needs and recommended courses and content.

Social Learning Community

Inspire learners to share knowledge within courses, discussions or blogs.

Content Authoring

Partner with our industry experts to develop engaging and impactful learning programs.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with other association technologies to provide a seamless member and admin experience.

YourMembership Learning powered by Freestone®

Learning management and content delivery for small-staff associations.

YourMembership Learning, powered by Freestone®, is the industry’s most relied upon platform to deliver on-demand course, webcasts, and live webinars.

Because powerful work needs powerful tech.

Integrated solutions for associations by Community Brands

Association Management Software

Enhance member engagement, create lifetime value and improve productivity with an integrated AMS.

Career Center

Grow revenue and provide members easy access to job opportunities through our career center solutions.

Job board software

Maximize candidates for employers, jobs for users and revenue for your organization.

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